Winter is upon us and that means the heat is on! It also means, that if you’re cold, your pet is too! Take care of your extended members of the family (we all know they get higher priority than ourselves sometimes!) and take the proper precautions to make sure your pets are warm, especially if they are left outside.

Our friends at That Pet Blog wrote a great piece on how to keep your pet warm and we love it!

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As the temperatures drop, as we are all bundling up and dig out our heavy coats don’t forget about your pet. If you’re cold they are too. Here are 6 Products to help keep your pets warm this winter.

  1. A dog coat

    This one may seem a little obvious but sometimes it is assumed that dogs have their own built-in coat. Depending on your dog’s breed and hair length they could need something more to keep them comfortable while taking those winter walks.
  2. Dog Sweaters
    If you pup needs a little extra warmth for indoors too we have a large selection of sweaters and pajamas that are fashionable and practical.
  3. Dog Boots
    Don’t forget your pups paws. Dog boots not only keep their paws warm but also help protect them from the ice and salt.

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