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Leaders in Home Dog Boarding and Daycare

Pet Pros Services takes an innovative approach to pet boarding. Unlike traditional kennels and pet boarding facilities where dogs and cats are kept in crates, cages and runs, our professional pet caregivers welcome your pets into their homes and hearts. Home Boarding makes your pets feel comforted and loved when you can?t be with them, rather than anxious and lonely, wondering when you?ll be back. Whether for a day, a week, a month or longer, our cat and dog boarding families offer your pets a comfortable home environment where love, companionship and compassion come first. Ask us about Doggie Daycare Services too!

Caring For Your Beloved Pet in a Calm, Loving Home Environment

Pet Pros home boarding offers an alternative to kennels and boarding facilities, where you can leave your beloved pet with complete peace of mind that they are well taken care of and loved while you are away.

Forget Kennels

Pet home boarding is a new concept that means your dog or cat will no longer be in an institution-like environment, but in a warm, loving home.? Our pet hosts welcome your dogs, cats, etc. into their homes, and care for them as if they were their own. Of course we follow your own ?house rules? and any feeding schedule/diet, and you never have to worry about your baby trying to sleep in a cold cage, surrounded by dozens of barking dogs.

Cage Free Pet Boarding

Our cage free home boarding offers more personal attention for your pet. We match your pet to a host family that specifically has experience dealing with the breed or the particular behavior issue that your pet has in order to reach the goal of correcting the problem.? We house, nurture and care for your pet while you are away. Your pet will live in a good, loving home with plenty of space for them to live comfortably in, similar environment to your own. Our certified Pet Host have experience in obedience training, pet care, pet safety, and many also have expertise in certain breeds. Our expert staff matches your pet in one of our Pet Hosts homes based on pets individual needs. There are never more than 3 pets in a home.? Dog or cat boarding in our homes is the perfect solution for loved pet.? Allow Pet Pros to provide your pet shelter in a cage free home boarding environment.

Questions about home boarding pets? Call us at 1.888.9 PETS 4 U (888-973-8748)? and we will be happy to speak with you!

Home Boarding Services Request Form

To request our home pet boarding services, please fill out and submit the form below, or call us at 1-888-973-8748. We look forward to being of service to you and your pets!
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Pet Home Boarding FAQ

Can I bring them their favorite toys and bed?
Yes, of course. They are allowed to have their special toys, treats and bed but always make sure to send in their food, because sudden changes in their diet may cause stomach upset.

Can I come and meet with you prior to boarding?
Yes! We always recommend that new clients come in with their pets for an evaluation prior to their stay with us.

Are you going to follow my feeding schedule?
Yes, We always make sure to follow your instructions when it comes to feeding habits, even if the schedule of other dogs in our home do not coincide with your dog’s schedule.
My dog is a “special needs pet” , will you consider taking him in?
Pets with special needs are always welcome, however it is very important to fill out our service agreement form and always make sure to be very clear about their particular needs.

Are other dogs up to date on their shots?
Yes, all dog guests must have their shots up to date, but there may be some exceptions

Are you able to administer medication?
Yes. All medication must be labeled with the instructions from your Vet.

Are you able to administer shots?
Yes, we can administer injections (such as daily insulin shots).

Are you able to perform in case of an emergency?
Yes, we have years of experience caring for dogs, if medical attention is needed we will take your pet either to his vet or an emergency veterinary office (if your vet is not available).

Will I be able to drop off/pick up my dog late in the evening?
Yes. You may pick up your pet anytime you like.

Can I call in to find out how my dog is doing?
Yes. Feel free to call, text or email as often as you like.

My dog is an older dog; will he/she be comfortable at your home?
Yes, We make sure dogs that need a more tranquil surrounding are kept in a special bedroom in the house or we keep a doggy gate, so the younger dogs are not bothering them. However they will interact with the family and the other pet guests as well, while under our supervision. Older dogs need all the attention, making them feel loved is a great remedy for stress.

Do I need to bathe my dog before boarding?
I would rather dogs come in nice and clean, and as always flea and tick free, we’re keeping the dogs in our homes, hygiene is extremely important to us.

I have a young male dog (not fixed) will you accept him as your boarder?
We recommend a meeting prior to boarding arrangements; during that meeting we will observe the dogs behavior:
-is the dog urinating inside the home?
-is the dog showing aggression towards the other dogs?
-is the dog extremely hyper or restless?
We try to accommodate everyone, but a dog that shows signs of a lack of bladder control, aggression and other negative behaviors will not be allowed to stay.

Will my dog be caged?
Absolutely not, there are no cages here, however, if you have a puppy that is being cage trained and you provide the cage, we will, as always, follow your rules regarding your pet’s care!

What are your hours of operation?
We available to care for your pets and serve you and your family pet? 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are also happy to take your call at 888 9 PETS 4 U (888-973-8748) to schedule a introduction or to make a reservation Monday-Sunday from 9am – 6pm. We are available 24-hours a day via web. For your convenience, we have created a dog boarding and dog day care reservation page on our website. Once it is filled-out we will contact you to welcome you to our service within 12-hours.

What will my pet be fed?
We kindly ask that you bring your pet’s food and feeding instruction at time of drop-off. Of course we will happily serve their food just the way you are used to, whether they eat wet food mixed-in with their dry food, or are on a raw food diet, we will follow your instructions precisely. Your pets will surely appreciate it.

What is your background and experience?
We are always learning and educating ourselves about how to best provide an environment where your pet’s health is enhanced. Our team is composed of diverse individuals with one common interest, love for animals.

How many pets do you care for at a time?
With safety in mind, we only accept dogs previously evaluated for friendliness at the introduction. Our dog packs range anywhere from one dog at a time during the week to up to 3 dogs in a home.

Where will my dog spend the night?
Where ever they feel comfortable sleeping. Of course, we are happy to enforce any “house rules” you have for your pets (keeping them off the furniture, etc.)
While staying in our home, your dog will receive plenty of individualized attention from a Pet Host including petting, playing and exercising. At night time, your pup will be tucked-in by a Pet Host side. There are no cages unless your pet is used to it, and you would like to bring it over at the time of drop-off.

How much exercise will my dog get, and how many dogs do you walk at a time?
We go on multiple walks throughout the day depending on your dog’s fitness level often dictated by their age, breed and lifestyle. From our experience we have found dogs are much more balanced when they exercise, and therefore we incorporate walks during their stay. We walk no more than 3 dogs at a time per Pet Care Provider. Walking multiple dogs at a time requires skills, strength and agility. We are experienced in this arena, and can safely handle up to three dogs at a time.

Will my dog be supervised 24-hours a day?
We integrate your pet into our daily lives.. Although our Pet Host spend a large amount of time at home, they may have errands to run such as quick run to the grocery store, postal office, dog walk or other errands. To assure safety we carefully arrange dogs in our care, for that reason we assure only well-socialized, people and dog friendly pets stay in our homes