Need to place your dog, cat or other pet in a new home?

At Pet Pros Services, we know just how difficult it can be to have to give up your beloved companion for adoption. Our Pet ReHoming service was created just for loving pet owners in need of a helping hand in finding the right adoptive family with whom to entrust the well-being and future of their family member.

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No pet owner ever wants to give up a pet, but life doesn’t always cooperate with the best laid plans.

You may have found yourself facing illness that prevents you from properly caring for your dog or cat. Perhaps someone in the home has a severe pet allergy which makes living with a pet impossible. You may be expecting a new baby and concerned that you will not be able to give your dog or cat the love and attention it needs. Or maybe you simply can no longer afford the costs that go hand in hand with pet ownership.

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How Does Our Unique Pet ReHoming Service Work?

For a modest fee, our staff of pet placement experts will locate and pre-screen potential adoptive families interested in your pet. You can choose our regular service, or for a slightly higher fee, we offer a very quick emergency placement service. We get you together with interested parties, and let you make the final decision as to where your pet is placed. Not only that, if the place you choose does not work out for any reason, we work with you to find another home of your choosing. Usually, your pet’s new family will provide you with updates on how your pet is doing, and many even welcome you to have periodic visits with your pet in it?s new home We know that rehoming a pet is a difficult job and that people often need help reaching out and finding somebody that you trust. We offer the help that you need and all the decisions are still yours to make.

Book Your Pet ReHoming Now

Our Pet Pros Rehoming Experts Will:

  • Consult with you about your pet and find out exactly what you are looking for in the way of a new adoptive family.
  • Work quickly and diligently to locate a selection of pre-screened potential adoptive families with whom to place?your pet.
  • Keep you regularly up to date on our efforts and the status of your pet?s adoption plan.
  • Provide you with emotional support and strength during this stressful and uncertain time in your life.
  • Offer our ongoing support and unconditional guarantee ? if a placement does not work out for any reason, we will continue the search to find another suitable placement at no additional cost to you.
  • Give you peace of mind, hope and happiness in knowing your pet is in a great family, and that you can keep in touch.

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