Our clients have many questions about how to ReHome their?cat or dog, and so they should! Placing the future of a beloved pet in our hands is a big step, and we take your trust in us to heart. Listed below are some questions that come up often. Please browse through, and if there is anything we have not addressed, feel free to ask us!

At Pet Pros Services, our goal is to rehome your pet the very best home. This can take time, and always takes a great deal of effort. Our rehoming team work diligently every day to locate great homes for the pets entrusted to our service. We cast a wide net, making use of a wide variety of traditional online pet classifieds, a paid social media campaign through Facebook, advertising on our website, and also through good old fashioned word of mouth. We contact local pet related businesses, services and organizations, along with breed-specific organizations. No stone is left unturned when it comes to getting the word out to potential adoptive families.

Some pets find homes almost immediately. We have even rehomed a pet within ONE HOUR! For other pets, the rehoming process can take 2 to 3 months. The average time frame is 2 weeks. Much depends on your location, your pet and his/her characteristics, and… fate. The right potential adoptive owner or family always comes along – we just cannot guarantee exactly WHEN that will happen.

So if your situation demands that your pet find a home by a certain date, contingency plans must be in place in the event a permanent placement is not found by your deadline. We can help locate a foster home for your pet, if needed. Be sure to advise us of any deadlines, such as a move, when you place your rehoming order, and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.

Pet Pros DOES NOT offer refunds!

When you place your request for our rehoming services, you are hiring a team of 7 pet adoptions specialists to work on behalf of your pet to find a loving, forever home. Our team puts in several hours of work preparing your pet’s rehoming project, advertising your pet on many different mediums, working through social media to spread the word, making phone calls and sending out emails to local pet businesses, services, professionals and organizations and more. Once applications come through, we screen applications, check references, perform background checks, communicate back and forth with you and potential adopters, help arrange meetings and transfers, put together adoption agreements and much more.

We charge a very nominal fee to rehome your pet, and a good portion of this fee goes towards advertising costs (Social Media), long distance phone calls, coffee :-), and other expenses.

Once your pet’s rehoming project is underway, we do not offer refunds. Please give serious consideration to this, and be sure that you are serious about rehoming your pet, and understand the services you are requesting before placing your order.

Our team works diligently until a home is found for your pet – no matter how long the process takes. Our goal is always to find the BEST home, as quickly as possible.

Pet Pros DOES NOT offer refunds!

Whether you find your pet a home through a friend or relative – or Pet Pros finds your pet the perfect placement, a great deal of work goes into each rehoming project. (See the QA above). The same holds true if you decide to keep your pet after our project is underway. We cannot and do not provide refunds if these situations should occur. The work by our team has still been ongoing, regardless of this outcome. We will still help by providing a pet adoption agreement for you and your friend/relative to sign.

We are also here, and will rehome your pet at no additional cost to you, should your placement not work out, as is often the case with this type of adoption arrangement. Please keep in mind the many hours of effort that our team puts into the preparation of your pet’s rehoming project, and the time and costs involved in advertising, fielding phone calls and emails, and maintaining our adoption profiles on our website. Even if you change your mind about rehoming your pet, our team has already performed a great deal of work on your pet’s behalf.

Once you have submitted your pet rehoming request and payment, our team go to work. The intial phase of each pet rehoming project is gathering photos, videos and information about your pet, and creating a very compelling, but at the same time very honest profile to show to potential adopters.

We cast a very wide net, placing your pet’s information on a wide variety of pet adoption classified services, on Social Media including Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and? Twitter.

Our team contacts local pet related businesses, services, professionals and organizations on your pet’s behalf, letting them know about your pet, and asking for their help in spreading the word that a loving home is needed.

Once the advertising is in place, our team begins fielding phone calls and email inquiries, directing potential adopters to fill out our detailed application form. Once received, each application is reviewed by our staff, and then sent to you for your review.

This is done through our communications system, called Basecamp, which allows us to collaborate and include you in our discussions, news, etc. You will be notified through Basecamp when there is an application for your review. You will be expected to read through the information, and then contact the applicant by telephone, should their information pass your scrutiny.

If you decide to proceed with a “meet and greet” with a potential adopter, you simply let us know, at which point we perform a careful screening, including background check and references interviews, before we give you the “green light” to go ahead and meet with the potential adopter.

Should all go well with the meeting and you wish to proceed with an adoption, we provide a legally binding pet adoption agreement for both you – and the adopters to sign.

From there, your pet is gently transitioned into the care of the new adoptive family. It is highly recommended that you keep in touch with the new family after the adoption is finalized.

Our team offers monthly post adoption checks for a reasonable added fee.