If you have been thinking of Adopting a Dog or Adopting A Cat? or other pet to your family, we welcome you to browse through our listings of currently available adoptable pets. We invite adoption applications from pet lovers who have carefully considered the decision to adopt a pet, and who can offer a loving, forever home where each pets emotional, companionship, health, exercise and nutrition needs will be met.

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Why Adopt A Pet Through Pet Pros Services?

Unlike most shelters and rescues, we operate an innovative open Pet Adoptions Agency where we unite people who are interested in adopting with families and individuals who have found it necessary to re-home their beloved pet. There are many reasons why a pet owner might find themselves in this situation. Whether the case is a family illness, allergies, a life change such as a new baby or entering a care facility, or just time or financial constraints, the pets listed for adoption on our service are here because their families love them enough to care deeply about finding the best new home for them. We help facilitate this process by uniting pet owners looking for a new home for their dog or cat with wonderful families, couples and individuals who share their love of pets and are willing to commit to offering a loving, forever pet home.

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Our Pet Adoptions Service Is Unique!

The pets adopted through Pet Pros Services never “set paw” in a rescue or shelter facility. Instead, these pets enjoy the calm, loving environment of their own home and family while a suitable adoptive family is located. This takes a great deal of stress and anxiety away from the owners, while at the same time ensuring the pets’ well-being. Pet owners and adoptive families get to meet and share information. This makes the decision to re-home their pet much easier for the pet owners, since they enjoy the peace of mind in meeting you and feeling confident and hopeful for their pet’s future. Quite often, close friendships develop between both parties. We encourage this, since being able to keep in touch, visit, and receive pictures and updates about their pet helps take away from the heartache pet owners experience when giving up a pet. It’s also wonderful for the new pet owners to enjoy the support of their pet’s past family. And most importantly, pets placed for adoption enjoy a very smooth, trauma and anxiety-free transition from one home to another. They are not separated from their family and placed in kennels for an indeterminate amount of time, which can be extremely stressful, especially for senior pets. Take some time to browse through our gallery of adoptable pets. We have pets available throughout the USA. When you find a pet that appeals to you, please fill out our adoption application form. Once you have completed the application, a Pet Pros staff member will contact you to verify your information and discuss the next steps. Thanks for your interest in Pet Pros Open Pet Adoptions. We look forward to placing a great pet in your care! Pet Pros Services lists our adoptable pets on www.adoptapet.com. We also offer our Pet Transportation Service that will take your pet anywhere they need to go.

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