Are you searching for premium Dog Kennel Cleaning services? Pet Pros Services has you covered with its one-stop residential and commercial pet maid cleaning services. But wait a minute, aren’t you sure if pet kennel cleaning is a necessary service? Is pet kennel cleaning worth it? Let’s find out!

Pet owners always seem worried about the health and well-being of their cute, lovely pets. This is especially true when they have to leave their furry friends behind or back at home. Some pet owners are comfortable traveling with their pets while others don’t find it a feasible option. Of course, there will be times when you have to leave them behind for a vacation or business trip.

So, what about the kennels or crates of your pets? Thankfully, pet kennel cleaning services are here to assist you and take some burden off. Cleaning crates/kennels is a must-do step to keep your pets away from potential hazards. Cleaning pet kennels is not a child’s play as it is a contributory factor to their overall caring.

Pets also need and love a place that is completely clean just like us. Being a pet parent, you have to understand it as soon as possible. Here is an all-inclusive guide to pet cleaning services for 2022:

How Dog Kennel Cleaning is different than regular cleaning? 

Kennel cleaning is not all about cleaning the regular dirt of the place. Instead, kennel cleaning is more about disinfecting and sanitizing the crates. The disinfection process includes several things such as:

  • Remove all food and other types of deposits from the kennels/crates.
  • Cleaning droppings and litter from the surface and walls of the kennel.
  • Emptying and cleaning all watering and feeding racks.
  • Cleaning the kennels and all of their parts by using detergents and soaps.

If you hire Pet Pros for Dog Kennel Cleaning services, we will execute every step carefully by following all standards. Our drive is always to make your pet feels best in his kennel. For pet parents, we are always committed to taking care of your pets with the best of our expertise.

Dog Kennel Cleaning hints & tips for 2022 

Kennel cleaning asks you to have a little more knowledge about disinfection or sanitization. It is not a walk in the park. Even if you go wrong in any step inadvertently, the consequences can be dreadful. Do you have any prior knowledge of cleaning pet kennels? Or is it the first time you will be cleaning pet kennels? In either cases, you can use the following tips to your advantage:

Take everything out of the kennel completely

Cleaning a kennel is a long and tedious process and you can’t execute this sort of work every day. You should put all your efforts to ensure the process goes smoothly. So, you need to empty the kennel thoroughly. For instance, you should take out the toys, water racks, food racks, and other things.

Choose high-quality dog kennel cleaning products

Pets can be more sensitive to cleaning supplies or products used for cleaning kennels. They can be more sensitive than humans to cleaning supplies. So, if you opt for the wrong or low-quality products, the results can be extremely dire.

This is the reason why you need to buy products that are labeled safe by local and global bodies. It would never be a good idea to use Dog Kennel Cleaning supplies that may leave toxic deposits behind.

Wash the pet kennel before sanitizing 

Do you think cleaning and disinfecting a kennel are the same things? If so, think again about it! Even before you start disinfecting a kennel, you must wash it. The process of washing will take out the animal residues, debris, and dirt. But to remove the pathogens from the crates or kennels, you should start disinfecting the kennel. The most important point here is that you need to wash kennels thoroughly before disinfecting them.

Always use recommended cleaning tools 

Kennel cleaning can’t be executed seamlessly without having proper cleaning equipment. Despite the cleaning products, you also need equipment like mops, brushes, buckets, etc. You can also go for specialized kennel cleaning tools to ward off cross-contamination.

Other quick tips for cleaning a pet kennel 

  • Avoid using chemicals or bleach to remove stains.
  • Make sure you will disinfect all items of pet kennels one by one.
  • Be sure to air dry all objects and even the kennel.
  • Replace the bedding of your pet, especially if you are doing it after several months.

With that said, we hope you will keep all these things there in your mind while cleaning a pet kennel. However, if you can’t handle the task on your own, be sure to contact us at Pet Pros Services. Drop an email or use other contact links to get started with us now.