Have you ever wanted to know what type of food is better for your pet?. You need to decide on a pet food, but which do you choose? So many choices tuna, turkey, lamb or the beef? Is wet or dry what?s best? It may feel confusing but it isn?t as complicated as it looks. Whether you make your decision based on previous experience, friends, breeders or the advice of your veterinarian. So, which do you choose? Let us go over some of the pros and cons so you can make a more informed decision while walking down the pet food aisle.

Dry Food

Dry kibble is the most convenient because of its easy storage and feeding. Dry food can be left out for you pets to eat at their convenience without spoiling. Many owners like the feeling of being able to fill their dogs bowl so they can feed all day or even enough to feed a cat for a short trip out of town.


Dry foods are easier to store in large plastic containers sealed with a tight lid that keep the food fresh and safe from insects and rodents and from pets even your pet. Dry food is economically cost-effective when having to feed multiple pets. Dry kibble can also be used as a training treat and a dental health supplement. Some dry foods are specially formulated and shaped to clean the teeth as the animal chews it. There are special blends of dry with tender morsels and even breed specific formulas by brands such as Iams and Science Diet.


One disadvantage to dry kibble is it may do not provide as much moisture as wet foods do which is more important as your pet ages, becomes ill or lives in dry and hot climates. In these cases, a wet food diet may be more practical. Dry food also tends to have lower levels of animal-based proteins, which are important for your pet?s development.

Wet Food

Just like us humans not all of our pets consume enough water on a daily basis. Wet foods can be an awesome source of hydration if your pet is the is reluctant to drink abundant amounts of water. The health considerations make wet foods a practical choice.


Older animals that have lost some of their senses may be more inclined to eat a food that has a richer smell and flavor which wet foods often made of. This is also an alternative for when your pet is ill or lack appetite. This will assure that they are getting the vitamins, proteins, and minerals they need maintain their health. Wet foods are an alternative option for pets missing teeth or smaller mouths.


Pets with a predisposition to developing dental problems will need more attentive dental care. Wet foods after they have been opened need to be covered and refrigerated quickly before they spoil. Wet food also isn?t as economical as dry food and depending on the quality of the food, wet food tends to be more expensive than dry food. This usually means being bought in smaller quantities.

dalmatian dog eating dry food from a bowlWhether you choose a wet or dry food there are many brands to choose from. Pick a formula that is easy for your pet to digest. If you see signs of constipation or diarrhea you may need to change their food. A lot of pet owners mix their wet and dry foods together to create a happy medium. In the end, it is about the happiness and health of your dog or cat so research, research, research. HAPPY SHOPPING.