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One 80lb Rhodesian Ridgeback on or around June 4th.

Posted 4 years ago

One 17lb King Charles Cocker Spaniel on or around July […]

One 24lb Cavapoo on or around July 2nd.

Posted 4 years ago

One 50lb Lab mix on and one 45lb French/English bulldog […]

One 90 lb Pitbull by July 11th.

One 145lb Bullmastiff on or around June 9th.

one 17lb Feist one 60lb Border Collie mix on or […]

2 kitties by August 21st

Posted 4 years ago

One 26 lb Shih Tzu BY JUNE 9th!!!

2 – 60lb Australian Shepherds and 2 kitties on or […]

On or around June 4th one 15lb Bulldog

On or around June 9th one 30lb French bulldog

5-Jun Rieger Military on or around June 6th 2 kitties