Injuries are inevitable! Meanwhile, your dog is healing from damage or surgery, Dog Physical Therapy is often the next step in the medicinal process. Physical therapy in dogs is an adaptation of the same types of techniques and modalities used in humans. The purpose is to relieve pain while improving overall mobility, function, and quality of life.

The word canine physical rehabilitation is considered as the treatment that reduces the discomfort and gains the physical abilities in your pets. The canine rehabilitation goal is to accomplish the same aims same goes for the people’s physical therapy. It is considered as the surgery or diagnosis to the neurologic that helps the dogs and the cat to regain their overall body strength.

Here you will find an overview of the variety of treatments related to the health of the pet. There are so many treatments and exercise you can do at your home but in some of the exercises, you will need to have a concern with the professional.

Pet Manual Therapies: Massage, Joint Mobilization, and Stretching

 Rehabilitation recognizes that the soft tissues of our body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules) are as important as bones and joints in determining the quality of our movements. Injuries often result in loss of reach, strength, and elasticity due to the original injury or compensation. These modalities help loosen the tissue and relieve discomfort. This allows pets to move their limbs properly and regain healthy function.

 Diagnostic and Healing Modalities

Laser Therapy

 This Healing modality uses light energy to give comforting heat to some of the affected tissue. Moreover, it also stimulates the mitochondria cells into the pets’ body to clear the waste products and the damaged cells. On the other hand, it also increases the blood flow and the scar tissue from the breakdown.

 Therapeutic Ultrasound

 This type of ultrasound emits the sound waves that pass through into the skin and also cause vibration to the local tissue. It creates heat into the body and increases the blood flow in the pet’s body to reduce the swelling and chronic inflammation from the injury.

 Stimulation Neuromuscular

 It uses the NEMS units to provide the pet relief from pain. It is also used to fire the injured muscles to retrain the spasms to gain the pet’s body strength.

 Underwater Treadmill

 Effective training methods to bring patients back to health safely. Water buoyancy reduces stress, resistance strengthens muscles, and increases endurance without the pain associated with weight-bearing exercise. This low stress on joints and bones may be needed in some patients. Water resistance also helps restore neuromuscular fire to more normal gear.


 At PetPros we will use a variety of tools and technologies that include the cavaletti poles and the boards and the balances discs for the pet’s exercise. We will continue teaching the pet new exercises that include high fives, sit, and stands, play bows, and much more that will help the pets to gain overall body wellbeing.

At the same, we are performing so many treatments in our clinic that include sending the pets to home with the schedule of further exercises like stretches and the heat and cold therapy treatments.

Benefits of Pet Therapy at Home

Enhance Activity Levels

 Pets and animals make us feel loved and accepted by older people, regardless of age, ability, or illness. This is not available to everyone. They can be the ones who listen or confide when they are lonely or isolated.  All of these problems can affect people who are in a nursing home, away from home, or loved ones and are facing serious medical problems.

 Increasing Exercise

 Walking, hiking, and running with your dog is a fun and rewarding way to incorporate healthy daily exercise into your schedule. Studies show that puppy landlords are considerably more likely to complete their everyday exercise needs, and daily exercise is also good for animals.

Helps You to be Social

 Pets can be an excellent social lubricant for their owners and help them make and retain new friends. Dog owners often stop and talk on walks, hikes, or dog runs. Pet owners may also meet new people at pet stores, clubs, and training courses.

 Reduce Anxiety

Dog therapy can offer you more comfort and help you to reduce anxiety and also build self-confidence in people. Everybody knows that the pet tends the life at the moment they didn’t worry about what happens today and tomorrow they always help the people to become more mindful and inspire the people to live life with more joy without taking much stress about tomorrow.

 Adding Routine to Your Day

 Many of the pets especially dogs need regular feeding and some type of exercises schedule.  The consistent routine in the pet’s life keeps the animal more balanced that can work for you as well. It also changes your mood whether you have depressed, anxious, or stressed you will get out of it with the care of the pets.

Pets Boost Your Vitality

 With pet therapy, you will be able to overcome many of the physical challenges connected with aging to take good care of your mental and physical health. The dogs, cats, and some of the other pets encourage you to live your life more playfulness that can help people to boost your immune system that can help to increase energy.

 Taking Care of Your Pet’s Wellness With PetPros Services

 Even if you don’t have the time, money, or ability to keep a pet all day, there are ways to experience the health benefits of handling animals. For example, you can take a dog in your neighborhood for a walk or ask them to attend an animal shelter. Most animal shelters and rescue groups welcome volunteers to take care of homeless pets and adoption events. Not only do they help themselves, but they also help socialize and train animals to make them more acceptable.

 If you’re looking for dog physical therapy, no further than the PetPros. We offer reliable health care services to pets that include occupational therapy, Case management, and disease management. Our professional veterinary experts are led to be registered nurses to take care of your pet’s overall needs and requirements.