You may love your pet, but you know that there’s no way to spend your entire day with them. I mean, let’s be honest: you have a job to do! But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to spend time with your furry friends in the city. From hiking trails and camping trips, to swimming pools and dog parks—there are plenty of awesome activities where you can bring along your furry friend. Here are some of our favorites:


Hiking is a great way to get your dog moving, and it can be a great bonding experience. You’ll both be spending time in nature, which is something you may not do enough of as an urban dweller. Hiking also gives you the opportunity to get some exercise for yourself (and your pup), so you’ll have energy to enjoy the rest of your day!


Camping is a great way to bond with your pet. It’s also a fun way to get some fresh air and exercise, as well as learn about nature and the environment. Camping can be a fun family activity, as long as everyone in the group is on board with it!

Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare is a great way to give your pet some socialization and exercise, while also giving you time to do the things you need to do.

If you have been thinking about taking your dog or cat to daycare, here are some things that can help ensure it’s a positive experience for everyone involved:

  • Choose a facility with staff who are certified in animal care and behavior training. You want someone who knows how to handle dogs (or cats) safely and appropriately.
  • Bring snacks with you when dropping off your pet so they don’t get hungry while they wait their turn at playtime! You might also consider bringing toys from home if there aren’t any available at the facility–this will help keep them occupied during those moments when there isn’t anything going on yet since no one else has arrived yet either!

Dog Park Fun

Dog parks are a great place to meet other dog owners and socialize your dog.

They’re also great for playing with them, exercising them, and letting off steam by running around together. You can even take a break from the hustle and bustle of life in the city by taking your pooch out for some fresh air at one of these parks!

Indoor Swimming Pool Time

Indoor swimming pool time is a great way to tire your dog out. They’ll love the water, and it can be a great opportunity for you to enjoy some bonding time with them. If you have access to an indoor swimming pool or public pool that allows dogs (and make sure it does!), take advantage of this opportunity!

If you don’t have access to an indoor swimming pool, there are still plenty of ways for pet owners in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles who want their pets’ companionship but don’t want them around all day long while they’re at work or school. There are many great parks where dogs are allowed off-leash during certain hours–just make sure they’re not near any sensitive wildlife areas before letting them loose!

Adventure Walks on the Beach

If you’re looking for a fun, active way to spend time with your pet and soak in the natural beauty of your city, then an adventure walk on the beach is just what you need!

  • Bring water and snacks. You’ll want to make sure that both you and your dog are well-hydrated before heading out on this trip, so pack plenty of water bottles for both yourself and your furry friend. Also consider bringing some treats or toys as extra motivation if they get tired towards the end of the walk.
  • Make sure you have everything else needed: leash (and baggie), poop bags (plenty), sunscreen/bug spray/sunscreen lotion etc., towels if necessary (such as after swimming). Leaving no trace means cleaning up after ourselves when we’re done playing–this includes picking up any garbage left behind by others as well as disposing properly any waste generated by our pets during playtime.*

There are so many amazing things to do with your pet.

There are so many amazing things to do with your pet in your city. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or prefer to stay inside, there’s an activity for every kind of animal lover. Below are some ideas for fun things you can do with your furry friend:

  • Hiking and camping
  • Swimming at the beach or pool (if it’s warm enough)
  • Visiting local zoos, aquariums, and other animal attractions


There are so many amazing things to do with your pet in your city. I hope this list has inspired you and your furry friend to go out and explore what nature has to offer!