Shipping pets to a new locality can be an onerous practice, especially with little to no knowledge. After all, you would never want to be at a strange place with your loving furry friend. In today’s world, it’s common to see pet parents taking pets on holidays or moving to new sites. However, pet relocation needs careful planning and preparation, it’s not a cakewalk.

As per the latest reports, over 90% of pet owners have already either shifted or are approaching a pet move. So, it’s very much clear that you’re not alone or only the first person to undergo this struggle. Essentially, when transporting your pets, there’ll be three main options. And those methods are:

  • Cars -either with personal or a specialized dog transport solution.
  • Railways-if available & allowed.
  • Airlines/By air– via domestic or international pet shipping solutions.

Many people like to complete this process by air. Would you believe almost 65% of pet parents have completed a pet move by air? Yeah, it’s true! Shipping Pets by Air may seem expensive or hassle, but it’s not. Air shipping is an ideal option for those who don’t have time on their sides.

At Pet Pros Services, we work to make your pet moves convenient, safe, and 100% hassle-free. Our drive is to arrange safe transports for your furry family with utmost reliability, safety, and courtesy. Is this the first time you’re moving out with your pets? Or do you want to ensure everything before the moving day? Let’s know how you should prepare for pet relocation:

Evaluate your pet’s health by hiring a veterinarian 

Not all dogs can travel by air and it’s not a suitable option for all. Make sure your dog is healthy and interested enough for this route. In an event where your dog is not healthy, you may need to go for the other options.

You should allow air travel to pets that are in optimal health. So, primarily, ask a veterinarian to conduct a health check for your dog, especially for air traveling.

For instance, the vets won’t allow dogs that are too anxious, nervous or have heart problems to be moved by air. All in all, the vet will tell whether your dog is ready to travel by air or not by evaluating their health.

Be familiar with local/international pet air travel regulations 

American Airlines, JetBlue, Swiss France, Delta, Air India, Air Canada -are some of the top pet-friendly airlines. But both domestic and international airlines have specific regulations for pet travel. Are you also Shipping Dogs by Air? Well, it’s vital to go through all pet air travel rules at least once. Some of those rules may include:

  • Pets need to be carried in soft ventilated hut/bags in the approved size.
  • Pets should have certifications of vaccinations and optimal health.
  • Pets should be 12 weeks or older.
  • They should be offered ample water and food till the completion of the journey.

For some international travels, your pets may also need to have a passport just like you. Otherwise, they might have to undergo a few months of quarantine at your expense.

Prepare your pooch cautiously beforehand  

You need to prepare your pets diligently to ensure they have maximum comfort while traveling by air. Thus, start the preparations as early as you can. Many pet parents ideally start at least one month.

Crate training is like the cornerstone for the moving process –as it helps pets to accept and be familiar with pet kennels or crates. Also, you can take your pets to the airport a few times to help them be familiar with its environment.

Make sure if you are not transporting brachycephalic breeds

Pet parents should be aware of the risk of transporting brachycephalic breeds through air solutions. Since dogs from such breeds are short-faced, air shipping can affect their breathing ability.

If you still want to proceed, take extra safety measures. Ask the Pet Relocation Service providers about the impact of stress your pooch may experience during the travel. Make sure you know this vital information.

Hire professional pet relocation services 

If shifting dogs or pets is not your cup of tea, then hire those who deal with it every day. Yes, we’re talking about Pet Pros Services –where we relocation your lovely pets with the best facilities. We shift them like they are our own family, and Shipping Pets by Air is special expertise we enjoy.

Once you hire us, it will be our obligation to handle everything related to the relocation process. All you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the process.

  • Professional expertise to move pets by working with airlines around the globe.
  • Find the best travel kennels if required.
  • Handling both import and export paperwork.
  • Knowledge about quarantine reservations, if applicable.
  • Save time and hassle.

With all that in mind, we hope your pets will not go under any suffering during the move. We are ready to assist you with the best Pet Relocation or Shipping Dogs by Air. If you want your furry friends to reach a new location with utmost safety, care, and love, kindly reach us now.

We believe your pets deserve more love & care while moving! 

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