Tom has been adopted!

Hey Baby! My name is Tom and I want to be your cat.

I am just 1 year old, very healthy, neutered, up to date on my vaccinations and litter trained. …and yes, I am incredibly handsome! I know because I hear that a lot!
It hasn’t changed me though, my heart is golden and I’ve got a lot of love to give for the right home. “Smooth and classy” is what I’m all about, and like a fine wine I’m only going to get better! ?I’m living in Orlando Florida, but anywhere a nice drive ?from me would be just fine!

More than anything, I want to be your “one and only” cat. Let’s talk about me moving in.Tom has gorgeous green eyes, and a grey tabby coat with white paws and chest. He is the ultimate LOVE cat! This beautiful boy is seeking his forever home, and would love to be an only cat, so that he can get all the attention, rubs and playtime that he craves. He is just darling, and will make someone a very good companion.

Tom is currently being fostered by a caring cat lover who took him in as a stray, paid to have his veterinary needs taken care of, and is now hoping to find this sweet boy the home that he deserves. She named him Tom, because he looks just like the cat in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. His loves being an inside cat, but being a lad, he wants to be the center of attention, and there are already some other cats in the current owner’s building. Keeping him here is not going to work and he needs his own little domain to rule over as crown prince. He’s a lover not a fighter.

So if you have room in your heart and home for a real cuddle muffin cat, please offer Tom a home today.

Just fill out our adoption application here: to apply for him. There is a $25 rehoming/adoption fee, and some supplies will be included.If you have any questions about adopting Tom, please feel free to call Mark toll free at 888-9-PETS4U.

All About?Tom

Breed of Pet DSH Tabby
Sex of Pet
Age of Pet 1

Pet’s Color and Coat Type Grey Tabby w/White

Up to date on vaccinations?
Does this pet get along with cats?
Does this pet get along with dogs?
Does Your Pet Have Any Health Problems?

Tom’s Personality

Tom is loving and playful. He loves attention, he’s a lap cat, scratch & rub him all day long and he’ll be happy. He is very playful too. Strings, balls, toys, your hand or foot. What is your home environment like? I live in an apartment with 2 roommates, and we all like cats so Tom gets a lot of loving.

Tom’s Current Home Environment

We are cat lovers. We have helped a lot of strays over the years, with rehoming and getting “fixed” and immunizations.


Tom’s favorite toys, foods, activities

He will eat anything, he likes balls and toys that move so he can chase them, and he likes to be petted and rubbed all over.

A Funny Story About Tom

This is kind of weird, but he pees in the litter box by standing up on the edge of it. It’s actually quite funny to watch. He is litter box trained and he is a big boy so will need a sturdy litter box.

The?reason that Tom needs a new home

Tom was a stray who seemed desperate to find a home. He showed up at my mom’s house around August/September, from who knows where. She took him to get all his shots and neutered in late October. He went back outside but continued begging to come in. I am fostering him inside now because he was so desperate to come in it just broke my heart. I can’t keep him as my roommate already has a cat and Tom wants to be the only cat around. My mom has 2 cats already as well so can’t keep him, although we both love him a lot.

What Tom is looking for in an adoptive family/home?

Tom needs a single cat home. He has been seeking a home for awhile and can be aggressive with other cats as he sees them as competition. He is very sweet and playful so may get along with a dog, but not sure. He needs attention, but hasn’t quite mastered the “don’t grab my ankle when you want to play” rule, so he may not be good with small children.

What supplies and accessories will come with Tom

Some food and toys, and all vet visit receipts. Rabies tag.

Additional Comments or Information

We first named him Oscar, but then we renamed him Tom because he looks just like Tom from the Tom & Jerry cartoons. And he’s a Tom cat. And he was a peeping Tom–while trying to convince us to take him in, he sat in the window and stared inside for hours. He must have belonged to someone before because unlike most of the other strays we’ve encountered, he begs for attention and touching so he got that when he was a kitten. The vet he has gone to is the SPCA/Pet Alliance in Orlando, and they know him as Oscar.