Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, or anything in between, it may not always be feasible to take your pet with you. If you’re forced to leave behind your pet, pet home boarding is a perfect solution for you. In the US, the number of insured pet-sitter businesses has already exceeded 10,000, so you need not worry about the available options. 

Let’s find out what pet home boarding is and why it’s the best choice when temporarily leaving your pet:

What is Pet home boarding?

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Before you trust a pet home boarding service and recognize it as a better option than traditional kennels, you need to develop a clear understanding of what is pet home boarding. It’s a simple process of searching for a registered pet-sitter around your location that offers 24-hour care at an affordable rate. The websites you browse typically perform background checks to ensure that the pets are in the hands of qualified canine hosts. 

Once your pet service provider finds a host that’s a match, you’re connected to the sitter to arrange the drop-off and share important details about your pet.

Benefits of Pet Home Boarding

Here are some of the benefits of boarding your pets at home vs. in a kennel.

Minimal Stress

Depending on how long you’ve owned your pet and how strong the bond is, the time your furry mate spends away from you can be pretty stressful. Without sufficient care and a comfortable living environment, the stress will only mount. This can adversely impact your pet’s behavior, and it may turn aggressive. 

Pet home boarding offers the best living environment and provides individual attention, trips to the park, regular walks, and an opportunity to socialize with others. This diverts your pet’s attention from you.

Closer Monitoring

How your dog is cared for while you’re away is paramount. Pet home boarding professionals keep up with your pet’s routine needs such as regular exercise, eating schedules, grooming, and bathroom breaks, and so on. 

Plus, unlike large kennel facilities that might be too busy to notice a new scratch on your pet’s face, a pet sitter values your dog and keeps close tabs on it. They’ll respond to any slight changes in your dog’s health and behavior.

Fewer Health Risks

At boarding kennels, pets remain vulnerable to a variety of illnesses, such as kennel cough. This is particularly true in the case of young and senior dogs and those with compromised immune systems. With pet home boarding, your cat or dog is at much less risk of illness. 

Dogs, in particular, need both nutrition and daily exercise. The best pet home boarding service not only agrees to work with you to understand your pet’s special diet but also provides exercise time. In the end, you should return to a healthy pet just as you left them.

Undivided Attention and Love

Our cage-free home boarding option provides much more personal attention than a large kennel. We’ll match your pet up with a loving host family that has experience dealing with your animal’s breed or problem behavior so that they get the best experience possible. We’ll make sure each family has the capabilities to nurture and care for your pet while you’re away. They will live comfortably in a loving home with plenty of space to be comfortable and most likely is in a similar environment as your own home. 

Our certified Pet Hosts have experience in obedience training, pet safety, and care. Our staff at Pet Pros Services matches your pet to one of our Pet Host’ homes based on your specific needs. We’ll make sure there are never more than three pets per home and provide the perfect solution for your beloved pet. 


In summary, there are several reasons why pet home boarding is the best choice when you need to leave behind your pet for a temporary period. For an excellent pet home boarding service, connect with Pet Pros International, which adopts an innovative approach to pet boarding. 

We screen all of our providers and make sure your pet is being placed in a home that will love them and take care of them the same way you will. When you want a better option to help your pet be as comfortable as possible, reach out to us today. We would love to answer your questions and give you peace of mind when it comes to pet home boarding.