Hi, My name is Ava!



I am a super cute, super smart, super playful and super friendly Jack Russell Terrier mix. I am just a year old, very healthy, spayed, up to date on my vaccinations and house trained.

I have a lovely smooth, short coat with tan and white markings. I have some spots, and some black markings as well. I am a very pretty dog. I weigh 65 pounds – a medium to large sized dog.

I currently live with my owners, who have been with me since I was a puppy. They love me dearly, but are expecting their first baby very soon. Because of my age and breed, I have a very rambunctious personality and need lots of exercise, time and attention. I am still in my “puppy phase”. My owners do not feel that they can trust me to behave in a calm manner around the new baby, and feel it would be best to find me a new family that can keep up with me.

I am a very good dog and have already undergone puppy training classes. I need to be with a family with kids past the toddler stage, a securely fenced back yard, and lots of time and energy to spend playing with me. I LOVE going to dog parks and get along just great with other dogs. I do not get along with cats. (I chase them).

Please offer me a home today. I am a really special girl and will add immeasurable love, joy, laughter and companionship to your family.

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There is a $75 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About Ava

[one_half] Name of Pet: Ava
Location: Coral Springs, Florida, 33065
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: 1/2 russel terrier and 1/2 mix
Sex of Pet: Female[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet: 1 year
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Unknown
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: We have a crate that works for her but she may need a larger size as she’s grown more than we thought. She fits in it but you can tell she’s slightly cramped. We have a few toys for her, a dog brush, shampoo, a bag of food and food and water bowls which she’s been using since we first adopted her, a food mat, flushable poop bags, leash, collar and walking harness, treats, nail trimmers (though she won’t let you go near her with them) and a pet hair eraser for furniture.

Ava’s Personality

A very happy and energetic playful dog. Loves the outdoors and going for walks and playing at dog parks. She can get hyper sometimes. She barks if you don’t give her attention. She loves to lay on top of me like a lap dog.

Ava’s Current Home Environment

Very quiet and small. We live in a 2 bed 2 bath apartment with no area for her to really stretch her legs and let her energy out.

Ava’s Current Family:

My wife (Ashley) and I are recently married and have our first child on the way in 3 months. We have known each other since 2001 back in high school. We dated for 3 years then were finally able to get a place of our own, and on our 4 year anniversary is when I proposed. We celebrated our 5th year dating and then got married in January of this year. We adopted Ava from the Humane Society when she was 6 weeks and has been our little bundle of joy since May 2014. Weeks before our wedding in January we found out we were going to have a baby. So we moved into a bigger apartment and have been preparing ever since.

Ava’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Ava is a strong toy chewer. We finally found 2 toys she can’t destroy and absolutely loves to play with them. A ball and a bone, both of which can hold treats so she has to work at it to get the treats. We feed her Wellness dog food made with chicken, and recently switched to the lamb flavor and have kept the same two proteins for her treats to keep her diet regulated and not upset her stomach with different kinds of foods. As for activities, if it’s outside, she will do it. Run, jump, swim, play in the grass and sand; she does it all. We haven’t been able to take her to the beach, but I’m sure she would love it just as much.

Cute Ava Story:

Why is Ava Being Rehomed?

My wife and I work opposite shifts. She’s working during the day, usually from 6am-3pm, and I work at night, 6pm-3am. We don’t have a lot of time to take Ava out during the week and, with a baby on the way, it’s only going to get more difficult. During my days off I’m busy with preparing for the baby and trying to take care of Ava’s needs as well. With Ava’s hyper, stubborn attitude having a baby around is worrisome as well as with her jumping up, running around and not really knowing her size now (thinking she’s still a puppy). She’s a very smart dog and acts well only when she wants to. She’ll do just about anything for a treat, but getting her to behave all the time is very difficult. She can break out into random and constant barking, and that’s not going to work with a newborn in the house and we also worry about Ava jumping up on us with our baby in our arms.

Ava’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Ava really needs someone who knows how to deal with hyperactive, stubborn behavior and can find a technique that will help her work on the important things she still has yet to learn. She’s great with tricks (sit, stay, lay down, give me your paw, roll over) but jumping, barking, misbehaving around guests and still sometimes pulling on the leash just seems to go right over her head no matter what we do. She’s loving, smart and loyal but she still needs work and we can’t figure out what will work on her. The new family should also have a home with enough outside space for her to release her energy. They should have a regular schedule with enough time and patience to work with her and give her the love and attention she deserves.

Additional Comments:

The new family should know that she has a fear of laundry baskets! Until recently she also had an aversion to cardboard boxes. Now she is fine around them and likes to jump into long, shallow ones with her toys. She loves licking faces and has no problems thus far with faces in her face. She loves playing keep-away with her toys and having you chase her but if you stop and sit down and pay no attention she just might lay her toy at your feet or on your lap. If you have the toy on one end and she has ahold of the other end you can get her to let go by saying “drop it.” She loves not only her treats but also ice cubes from the freezer. She did go through a puppy training class so there are certain gestures to go with what she’s learned. Any questions about them ask us because she knows them pretty well. All we ask above all else is to be patient with her, don’t give up on her too soon, and give her your time and love and she will be the perfect companion.

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