Hi, my?name is Max!

Dog for adoption in Louisiana

Puppy alert!

I am an adorable 9-month-old?male Lab Mix?who needs a new home ASAP. I currently weigh 36 pounds, but will probably reach about 50-60 pounds (based on my breed). I currently live with 10 cats and a two other dogs and I get a long great with all of them. I am incredibly smart, which also makes me quite mischievous. I am a puppy who is full of life and who’s energy is so contagious. I would be perfect for a young family with a big yard and who has?plenty of time to spend with me. I am current on all my shots, have zero health issues, almost?housebroken, and I get along with everyone and everything!?(My?flea protection and a six-month heart worm injection starting on the date November 7, 2015.)

I?currently live in Calhoun, Louisiana and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, but would love to see where you live! Apply to adopt me today because I know I won’t last long!

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There is a $100 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About?Max

[one_half] Name of Pets:?Max
Location:?Calhoun, LA-Louisiana, 80020 – OR Aubrey, Tx 76227
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet:?Lab Mix
Sex of Pet:?Male
Age of Pet:?9 months
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems:?No
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats:?Yes
Gets along with dogs:?Yes
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?:?In-progress
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included:?Dog treats and dog bed

Dog for adoption in Louisiana


More Info From the Current Owners

Max’s Personality

Max is playful and mischievous. He loves to play with our two Terriers and our 10 cats. He’s still in training with good behavior with the cats. He’s a friendly dog to at all people and all animals.

Max’s Current Home Environment

We have a small home with a full fenced in acre. The three dogs still go for one or two walks a day. Max is learning how to walk on a wide leash.

Max’s Current Family:

My husband and I are the only two members of her family. My husband lives four hours away in Dallas during the week. It’s getting difficult for me with the three dogs as Max gets larger. I’m partially disabled and it’s getting rough. We love Maxwell but we need to get back to the two dogs. My mother is having treatments for breast cancer and I’ll be needing to go back to North Dakota for a while and it will be difficult to bring Maxwell with us.

Max’s Favorite Toys, Food, and Activities:

Maxwell needs very strong toys as he is getting bigger teeth and has eaten a lot of the smaller toys that we’ve had for him or the other dogs. He likes to eat tree branches, pinecones and sometimes he even tries to eat rocks. He eats healthy dry dog food some wet food and loves?treats.

Cute or Funny?Max?Story:

On the weekends my husband takes the dogs to a farm close to our house and sometimes he goes fishing. Maxwell plays on the bank and tries to catch the frogs in the mud.

Why is Max?Being Rehomed?

Maxwell was rescued by us and we took him in as a foster puppy. We have prepared him with all his shots and we have him neutered him and giving him heartworm protection. He’s also too much for me to handle with my partial disability, and I have to take time away from my home because of my mother’s cancer. It would be impossible for me to keep him long term.

Max’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Just a nice family that would love him and never mistreat. I would hope they would not change him up and they have lots of room for him to run around and play. Max is in love with our Jack Russell and our rat terrier and he’s going to miss them terribly. It would be nice if he had other dogs to play with.

Additional Comments:

Max comes with treats and his dog bed as well as 6-months worth of flea and tick prevention (it was given to him on November 7, 2015).

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