Cats For Adoption Marietta GA 3

Charlie?was?in URGENT need of a loving, forever home?due to allergies in his home. Pet Pros found this deserving cat a great family who absolutely cherish him.


This handsome male Tabby cat is healthy, very friendly and affectionate, neutered and up to date on his ?shots. ?Charlie is just 6 years young.

This cherished family pet must be rehomed due to severe allergies and breathing problems that his owners’ newborn baby girl is having. The owners are heartbroken to have to make this very difficult choice, however the well-being of their infant daughter has made this necessary.

This is one very special cat. He is a purring machine with so much love to offer. He gets along very well with other cats and dogs. Charlie would be the perfect addition to your family.


All About Charlie

Name of Pet: ?Charlie
Type of Pet: ?Cat
Breed of Pet: ?Domestic short-hair
Sex of Pet: Male

Age of Pet: Approximately 6 yrs old
Pet?s Color and Coat Type: ?Black, grey, and white with stripes.
Spayed/Neutered? ?Yes.
Up to date on vaccinations? ?No.
Does this pet get along with cats? ?Yes.
Does this pet get along with dogs? ?Yes.
Does your Pet Have Any Healthy Problems? ?No.

Describe Your Pet?s Personality

Charlie is EXTREMELY affectionate. He loves people, laying on you, and playing. Although he?s fun to cuddle with and does his fair share of sleeping, he will always come approach you if he wants some love and is always there for you.

What is your home environment like?

My wife, newborn daughter, and I share a small 3-bedroom home. The cats and dog have free range of the home. Although the both like sleeping and playing in the kitty hotels, they also like sleeping on the top of the recliner and Sally loves to sleep in the office chair with a blanket.

Please Tell Us a Little About Your Family:

We are a close family of 3, with my wife, daughter, and myself. We moved down to Georgia from up north for my job. We enjoy the outdoors, art, and music.

What you your pet?s favorite toys, foods, activities?

Charlie loves chasing things, whether it be a ball with bells or a feather on a string. He also really enjoys chasing crumpled up pieces of paper. If he hears a piece of paper being crumpled he will often run to you to see if you?ll throw it. Once he does he?ll consistently bring it back and drop it at your feet to repeat.

Tell us a funny, cute, or heartwarming story about your pet.

Charlie is a beautiful friendly cat with a proud stride and a loving heart. When he first met our dog it might have been the first time he had ever seen a dog. The first time the dog fell asleep, Charlie was the first of the cats to go up and smell the dog?s nose. Since then, they?ve been good friends.

For What Reasons are you needing to rehome your pet?

We just had our first child and she has been having trouble with her allergies and her breathing. It has been recommended that we re-home our animals. We have been extremely reluctant but have run out of options and just want them to go to a loving home.

Please describe what you are looking for in an adoptive family/home:

Sally and Charlie have lived together their whole lives and love to play together and lay around together. They are both very calm companions, but enjoy having fun with each other. They would fit well in a family of any size and age, we just want them to be loved and given the attention they deserve.

What supplies and accessories will come with your pet?

We will supply their food, but are happy to supply a new litter box as well unless the family has another preference.