Hello!?My name is Riley and I am a young, female chow-mix looking for a new home. I love car rides, and am super relaxed and easy-going. I get along with other pets (cats and dogs) and love people! I am house trained, spayed, and probably one of the happiest?dogs out there!?I am perfect for anyone who lives a low-key lifestyle looking for a companion to share it with!

I?have no ongoing medical issues, UTD on shots, and?ready to go to my?new home today!

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There is a $50 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About?Riley

[one_half] Name of Pet:?Riley
Location:?Prescott, AZ, Arizona?86302
Type of Pet:?Dog
Breed of Pet:?Chow Mix
Sex of Pet:?Female [/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet:?3 yrs
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems:?No
Up To Date on Vaccinations:?Yes
Gets along with cats:?Yes
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Accessories Included: A bag of dry food, brush, leash, shampoo, bed, cage, lint rollers, toys, bowl, small blanket, treats, embroidered collar.




Riley loves car rides! She is super relaxed and easy going! Loves to snuggle on the couch and have her belly scratched. Riley is very obedient and very housebroken. Honestly, the most laid-back and calm girl. Super loving. A great fit if you’re looking for a peaceful dog who will always put a big smile on your face.

Current Home Environment

We’re pretty laid back- it’s a pretty quiet house- we entertain every now and then- the dog is really friendly to guests.

Current Family:

The dog is owned by three college kids and we’re looking for her to have a family who can give her more attention than we can. But she fits in great with our low key life style. We’ve never seen her with little kids but she is so calm with other dogs and just in general I’m positive she would be great with children. This is like the dream dog if you’re a low key family who wants a loving dog who doesn’t need to much exercise and loves to snuggle.

Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities Include:

Oddly enough she isn’t so into toys, if you want to play with her you have to rile her up a bit and she’ll get playful. It does take her a little bit to get overly comfortable with people and snuggle, but once she trusts you she is so loyal.

Cute Pet?Story:

-One time I was sitting on the kitchen floor and she crawled in between my leg and wrapped her paws around one of them and we both fell asleep like that for a half hour.
-We took her on a car ride and she fell asleep in the back seat and when we got home and tried to wake her up she was hesitant so we let her sleep there for a bit
-When we picked her up from the groomer she missed us so much she nudged her head through our arms for hugs.
-She LOVES to just let her tongue hang out and give kisses

Reason for?Rehoming:

When we adopted her, we all had a lot more free time, but recently in addition to full time school, one of us had to get a job and the other is moving. It’s also very hard to keep up with her shedding, especially since I’m only used to caring for small dogs.

The?Perfect Adoptive Home:

People who are willing to give as much love as she does. I think she’d be great in a family environment.

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