Relax! We have some options for you! Here are some tips on what you can do to keep your pet looking (and smelling!) Good till her next grooming.

Brush your pet daily

Brushing your dog will eliminate dirt, debris, dead hair and disagreeable odors from the coat and the skin. It distributes the natural oils, creating your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Proper brushing will eliminate matting and tangling, which will make your next grooming appointment proceed more smoothly (and your Groomer very content!) .

Your longer-haired pooch needs more than just brushing to keep his jacket matt free. Follow-up the brushing using a metal comb to get down to the skin and find any matter which could be starting to form. Proceed gently with a metal comb, especially if your puppy’s skin is very sensitive.

Brush their teeth

We’ve got guests that just get their teeth brushed when they see our salon, but that’s not nearly enough. Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth every day, but even 2 — 3 times per week makes a huge difference. Use only toothpaste made specifically for puppies. Dogs can not spit, and human toothpaste contains unsafe ingredients which can make him sick if he were to consume it. I use a child’s toothbrush so it’s softer on my dog’s gums, but a good deal of people have good luck with the rubber finger brush. If you still find it tough to brush your dog’s teeth, dental sprays and specially designed chew treats can be useful.

Clip their nails often

Just like humans, some dog’s nails grow more quickly than others. Some may require trimming every 2 weeks, and some can wait a whole 6 weeks. Nail trimming is everyone’s least favorite task. Because you are diligent about your 6 — 8 week grooming visits, you can most-likely get by with just”leaning” the end of the nail to preventing the doggie drama that often accompanies at-home nail polishes. If the tap, tap, tap of nails on your hardwood floors is driving you mad, you can always stop by and we will be happy to trim your dog’s nails for you while you wait.

Clean Ears

All dogs need their ears cleaned at least monthly. But in case you have a dog with longer or heavier ears that flop over the ear canal, more frequent ear cleaning is vital. A buildup of wax or bacteria in the ears can lead to infection. If you do not have doggie ear cleanser at home, there are plenty of ear cleaner”recipes” online… with ingredients generally on-hand such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc.. Wet a cotton ball with your cleansing solution and wash the outside area first, gradually working your way towards the inner place. It’s not recommended to use cotton swabs deep inside the ear canal, but you may use them to gently wash inside the ear folds on the outer ear flaps. If your dog is a frequent swimmer, it is highly recommended to wash and dry their ears each time after swimming.

Some breeds like bulldogs and shar peis have wrinkles or skin folds in their face. Moisture can collect within those folds to set up the ideal environment for yucky bacteria. Bacteria can then lead to dermatitis or worse, infection. It is necessary to keep these folds dry and clean. A warm washcloth or even baby wipes will do just fine. If redness, lumps or odor becomes a problem, see your veterinarian. A more stringent cleaning schedule or solution might be in-order.


Some dogs are prone to accumulating excessive attention”goop”. ExceExcessivering or discharge collects in the corners of the eyes and can get crusty. My last dog was terribly prone to eye goop and I would carefully use a flea comb to remove it. I recommend putting the goop with a warm wash cloth first, and then using the flea comb to get rid of it. Light colored dogs might have the accompanying red stain that includes excess tearing to which you can use a dog Tear Stain removal from your local pet supply store. Keep your eye on this area. Excess discharge can be a symptom of a more serious conjunctivitis. If you see signs of irritation, redness, or a funky odor, we recommend getting your vet have a look at it.

If your pup looks great, but she doesn’t smell all that good, there are a range of doggie towelettes and dry shampoos on the market. Some even contain moisturizers and conditioners to further improve the health and appearance of your dog’s coat. I use doggie towelettes whenever my dog comes in from outside. It eliminates outside allergens, dirt, and urine and poop residue. By using these daily, Rex never has an odor. You might find these to be very helpful in-between Grooming appointments.

Pet Grooming Services APPOINTMENTS

You know, you do not have to wait for your hair-cut appointment to get a clean-up. Visit our website and book an in-house pet grooming service and we will to your home and professionally take care of your dog or cat.