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Hi! My name is Rocky and I am?a very happy dog who needs a new home. My current owner has to travel a lot for work, and is moving at the end of the month, so I have to find a new home or else I am shelter bound.?I am such a good boy and I know so many commands like, “Sit, Stay, Wait, No, Go, down, Jump, Let’s go, No Jumping, Go get it, Let me have it, Let me see, Come here, and Stop” among so many more! I am honestly one of the smartest and sweetest dogs around. I am an independent dog when needed, so I?can keep myself busy with my toys, but I also love attention, going on walks, and playing fetch. I am UTD on my shots, have zero health issues and get along with other animals. Check out this video of me playing!?Please rescue me today!

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All About?Rocky

[one_half] Name of Pet(s):?Rocky
Location: Carrollton, TX, Texas 75007
Type of Pet:?Dog
Breed of Pet: Mixed
Sex of Pet:?Male
Age of Pet:?5?years
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems:?No
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Up To Date on Vaccinations:?Yes
Gets along with cats:?Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Unknown
House Broken or Litter Trained?:?Yes
Accessories Included:?Toys, leash, food, bed, etc.

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Rocky portrait

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More Info From the Current Owners

Rocky’s Personality:

Rocky is a very happy dog, he is always happy and playful. He has a good disposition, he wakes up in the morning and starts to jump and wag his tail. He gets up in the morning and goes into the living room and begin his daily ritual of rolling around on the floor. He rolls around from side to side and with his feet up in the air and then he scoots along the floor stretching several times on his belly as if stretching to wake up. He sleeps in the kitchen at night with a gate and he is very happy in his elevated bed with either his sheets in the summer or blankets in the winter. He loves to play and jump up high to catch toys and loves to place hide n seek with toys inside a blanket. He likes to go on daily walks to do his business, but will also go in the back yard if it is too cold or too rainy. He enjoys playing with his Kong or with his treat ball, he likes to throw it up in the air with his mouth in order for the treats to fall out so he can eat them. He is a very smart dog, learns quickly. He loves to go to the day care once a week to play with his dog friends and run around. He also loves to run with me when it is not too hot outside, and he loves to chase the rabbits that come into our yard through the wrought iron fence. Rocky is always happy, obedient and ready for new adventures.

Rocky’s Current Home Environment:

He and I live in a house with a large back yard that has a wrought iron fence that he can see through. I have a patio that he likes to stay at weather permitting during the day, but he is an indoor dog and only stays out when he wants to play or enjoy the sunshine. I do not have children, but he is around teenagers, both male and females at the day care that he goes too. He around adults and teenagers. We do not have children in our neighborhood, and I don’t have small children or grandchildren so I don’t know how he is with kids. He like to jump a lot, not necessarily on people he is just a jumper, loves to jump when he is happy or when you mention going to the daycare. He stays alone most of the day while I am at work, 10-12 hours a day. He likes to watch TV or listen to the radio.

Rocky’s Current Family:

It is just myself and Rocky. I work most of the time, I am with him only in the evenings, and as I mentioned I take him to the day care at least once a week sometimes more, time permitting. He did grow up with two brothers. He had two brothers since he was a young pup until about age 3 when he came to live with me because his mother could not take care of 3 dogs on her own. I am his grandmother.

Rocky’s Favorite Toys, Food, and Activities:

Rocky is on a vegetarian diet, Nature’s recipe. He eats 1.5 cups of food 2 times a day, once in the morning about 7 and again around 7 pm. He only get a couple of treats a day when I leave for work, when he comes back from his walk and sometimes when we are playing and he is obeying commands. He likes to play with squeaky toys, he like to jump up in the air to catch them and he like to play keep away with squeaky toys. He likes to run after balls, and he has a kong that he likes to toss up in the air with his mouth and then catch it along with a rubber ball that has treats. He will roll it along the floor with his nose or toss it up in the air and let it hit the ground so that the treats fall out. Rocky goes for a walk every day except when it is raining, he goes for a walk in the cold weather as well. He is not particular about food, but I have always kept him on a grain free diet and vegetarian diet, I believe it is healthier for him and that is what he was raised on since he was a pup.

Why is Rocky?Being Rehomed?

I got a traveling job and I cannot take him with me. I am making a big change this year traveling with my profession being away for several months at a time. I do not have family that can take him or friends. I have been trying to find a home for him on my own and have not had any success. I do not want to give him up to a shelter or put him on Craig’s list. I want him to find a good home because he has been my family for the last 3 years and I love him but I want him to go to a good home where there will be lots of people around to love on him and care for him. Rocky is a very good dog, and a good companion and he is always happy.

Rocky’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

A family where there are people around to care for home. He stays home along for several hours a day and he is house trained so he does not climb on the furniture, or tear up things or potty in the house. He holds it until I get home.
I would like a family for him with teenagers that will play with him, run him or take him for walks, or a couple where one of the family members is home most of the time, but are active and like the outdoors so he can exercise and have fresh air. If a couple is not available, I would also like an individual that does not work long hours but will again keep him active with daily walks, or runs or interaction with other dogs at the dog park or daycare, or someone who has another dog. Any of the scenarios will work and it is okay if there is another dog in the house. I would just like for him to go to a home where there are active adults or teenagers or where he will have plenty of room for activity.

Additional Comments:

He will bring his winter blankets for his bed, and also sheets that he likes to lay on during the summer for his bed or just for the floor. He has a medium size mesh bed that is slightly elevated that he sleep on in the kitchen. He will have a plastic gate that I use to keep him out of certain rooms when I need to keep him out while I am cleaning or too keep him in the kitchen at night to sleep. He will bring all his toys and water bowl, and food bowl. He will bring a car seat cover that he uses when he goes to the daycare and his dog leash.

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