The CDC says there’s no evidence that any animals in the U.S. have contracted or may spread the virus. This also suggests that quarantining them is an unnecessary step. (And utilizing medical masks, even for entertaining photo ops, is a wasteful and potentially dangerous practice, in light of shortages of those crucial supplies in hospitals that really need them.) In terms of the Pomeranian in China, the first assumption was that he tested weak positive as a result of contamination around his nose or mouth from his coronavirus-suffering proprietor, but he was quarantined and later tested negative.

If you get ill (with verified coronavirus or otherwise), the CDC recommends limiting your contact with your pets, the same as you would with people. Despite the fact that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 affects animals, it is certainly possible a connection may be discovered as more research is completed. This doesn’t mean an ill person can not take a dog for a walk or put down the cat’s food bowl, but they should limit petting, snuggling, or kissing (essentially, keep a”social space”), just in case.

Be sure to have a good stock of food and treats

Keeping your pet’s eating well and about precisely the identical diet is a recommendation for keeping their good health in general. Grocery stores and online retailers are quickly selling out of household essentials such as toilet paper, and while we do not encourage anybody to over-buy, it’s smart to check on your pet food supply to be sure you have at least a few weeks.

Keep your pets amused –so they do not bother you

For cats

Got a friendly feline who enjoys playing in boxes? Let them have at your empty Amazon bundles. Another fast cat distractor: a DIY food mystery, made by dropping a kitty treat into a little juice cup, empty candle votive, or another nonbreakable vessel that’s too deep or awkward for their face to fit, and allow them to figure out how to fish out the food with a paw.

Some store-bought cat toys that we like for keeping cats out of trying to nap on your laptop keyboard: the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger, which has multiple vertical tubes you can fill with treats to occupyyour kitty. Also try chewy treats such as Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Toy, which can be filled with sweet-smelling mint to freshen your cat’s breath because he or she chews it. The netting around the toy also eliminates soft plaque to keep your kitty’s teeth as healthy as you can. Another idea: Make any old cat toy fresh and exciting by spritzing it with a catnip spray, such as the Kong Naturals.

For dogs

Hide treats around the room, home, or (fenced) lawn and let’em hunt. In a pinch, you can also place PB into the bottom of a cup (which you don’t mind getting chewed at), or simply give the dog the remnants of an empty peanut butter jar.

Actually buying a Kong for your dog might be a worthwhile investment, in addition to considering dog-approved favorites, like the Tuffy’s Ocean Creatures Larry Lobster Dog Toy, which has two squeakers and uses layers of cloth to make a durable chewing toy and the Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy, which is great for solo play as your dog can fish the squirrels from the tree trunk–though you’ll have to put them back in.

Social distancing allows for going out and taking walks, provided that you maintain the CDC-recommended six feet of distance from others (and you keep your pup from bounding up to anybody you may encounter). The exercise is great for your pet and will probably boost your mood, too.