Hi,?We are Butters (orange tabby) and Little Boy (main coon)!

Butters is an?orange tabby cat and is 6 years old. She is shy at first but warms up VERY?quickly to people once she gets comfortable, at which point she will become very vocal. She loves hard back rubs and cuddling with her cat sibling, Little Boy, who is also available for re-homing (see below). She is spunky, independent and is a typical playful feline. Butters is UTD on shots, has no known allergies or illness, and is great with kids and dogs!

Little Boy is a senior male cat and is 13 years old, but do not let his age fool you! He is very outgoing and confident and LOVES to eat, lay on laps, and be the center of attention at all times. He would be perfect for a?family where the kids are a bit more grown (maybe 10+ years), as he tends to get a little anxious around the newborn in his current house. He has NEVER harmed anyone, is UTD on shots, and has no known allergies or illness.

You can adopt them seperately or together as they are siblings. Please apply below.
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There is a $25 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About Butters and Little Boy

Name of Pet: Butters and Little Boy
Location:?Orlando, FL 32803
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: Orange Mackerel Tabby and Main Coon
Sex of Pet: Female and Male
Age of Pet: 6 and 13
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Unknown
Gets along with cats: Yes
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Accessories Included: Litter Box and Food

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Butters will appear shy at first, but can be vocal when comfortable. She loves hard back rubs and cuddling with her cat sibling Little Boy (Also available for re-homing). She is spunky and independent.

Little Boy is a sweet cat. He is very relaxed, but loves to sit in laps and get attention.

Current Home Environment

Both?currently lives in a home with two working adults and a newborn baby. Both are home alone most of day and uses that time to catch up some much needed sleep and lives with two fur siblings (cat and a dog).

Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Butters loves to relax in high places. Give her a way to reach the top of the TV cabinet and you can guarantee that she will be sleeping their daily. She loved to cuddle with her cat sibling little boy, but is less likely to find comfort in your lap. She will play when initiated by an adult:)

Cute Story:

Butters was rescued on 2010. She was found under a portable at a middle school. She was hungry and looking for a home. My husband and I decided to take her in and care for her. She is a darling cat and would make a great addition to any kind loving family.

When Little Boy was a younger cat, we lived in an apartment in Tampa. There was a stray cat that used to hand around the apartment, we attempted to “catch” her a few times with no luck. We were able to get her into the screened in porch, but she was very scared. Little Boy slept against the glass door everyday and night to comfort her. With his help she slowly she relax and eventually became a member of our family. Little Boy helped another cat find a home through his kind demeanor and patience. The stray cat eventually became a member of our family until she passed away of natural causes.

Why are they?Being Rehomed?

We recently welcomed a baby into our family and our cats have found it difficult to adjust. We would like them to be in a loving home without the anxiety of a newborn.

The?Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

We are looking for a kind loving home for them.

Additional Comments:

Butter’s cat sibling Little Boy is also looking for a new home. We are advertising them separately, but would love for them to continue to live together.

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