Hi, my name is Max!
My name is Max and I am a male adult Beagle looking for a new home! I am playful and friendly around other humans and even children, but not so much around other dogs or cats. I LOVE people, going on long walks, playing with my toys, and just being the center of attention. I have slight allergies which cause my paws to itch, but other than that I am?healthy, UTD on shots,?and house broken. Learn more about me?by scrolling down?or just adopt me?by clicking the button?below (you know you want to!)
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All About?Max

[one_half] Location: Blacksburg, VA 24060
Type of Pet:?Dog
Breed of Pet:?Beagle
Sex of Pet:?Male[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet:?5
Health Problems:?Allergies
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats:?No
Gets along with dogs: No
Gets along with kids: Yes
Accessories Included:?Toys, food, crate, and accessories.




Max’s Personality

Max is intelligent, sweet, and sensitive. He LOVES people and being close to his owners. He loves to cuddle and will sit in your lap if you sit down on the floor next to him! He likes playing with his toys and will try to hide them around the house. He has moderate energy and enjoys going on long walks. He will whine for attention and bark at other dogs but we feel that these are issues that could be helped with good training.

Max’s Current Home Environment

We live in a small house with a yard. Max is only allowed in the kitchen area during the day which we gate off. When we are home at night, he cuddles with us in our living room. He sleeps in the kitchen because of our allergies but I’m sure he would prefer to sleep in our bedroom.

Max’s Current Family:

We are a young married couple (an elementary school teacher and a graduate student). We consider Max a part of our family and it breaks our heart to let him go.

Max’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Max loves toys! His favorites are a small orange dog named “zig-zag” and his chew-able nyla-bones. He will also play with a Kong toy that we put treats in or play tug of war on a rope. We feed him adult, grain-free food and treats for his allergies.

Why is Max Being Rehomed?

We feel it is unfair for Max to be left home alone for such a long time during the day. Our current jobs/graduate school make it so that he is alone in the house for 8-10 hours which we feel is sad for him and for us. Additionally, we have discovered that we are much more allergic to dogs than we originally thought and although Max does not shed that much, our allergies interfere with our daily lives.

Max’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Max would be happiest in a house with a loving family that has the ability to spend time with him and not leave him alone for so long during the day. A fenced in yard and kids would be ideal for this loving animal. His adoptive family should not have other dogs or cats. Max gets along with dogs in parks and on walks but as a result of being in a shelter, he can be aggressive with other dogs if he thinks they are taking something of his (food, toy, a person). I want to emphasize that he is never aggressive with an adult or child (unless playing tug of war or a chase game of course!) and he is incredibly gentle and sweet.

Max has been through a great deal and it is important that his next home be his forever home. His adoptive family should be willing to put in the effort to train him to fit their lifestyle and give him the love and care he deserves. When we got Max from the shelter, it took time for him to adapt to his new home. His adoptive family must be patient and willing to deal with initial separation anxiety and (very infrequent) nervous accidents in the house. This dog is worth the effort because I’ve never met a Beagle as special as him.

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