International Pet Travel Services are commonly underestimated. This is especially true for those who don’t know much about it. People have different points of view and beliefs about traveling internationally with pets. These viewpoints or beliefs often collectively result in misconceptions. In fact, these myths create a lot of doubts in the minds of pet parents.

Are you also concerned about traveling with your pet internationally?  Don’t worry! At Pet Pros Services, we guarantee the best pet transportation services locally and worldwide. We are a team of qualified pet experts that provides door-to-door transport for cats, dogs, puppies, and other animals all across the U.S. It’s a matter of pride for us to serve the lovely pets and their parents across all 50 states.

But it makes us feel a little disenchanted when we find that pet parents are still believing the myths concerning pets and traveling. Are you one of the pet parents that feel a little tentative to travel with pets?

Do you believe that travel puts your pet under lots of stress? Whatever but we are here to help you bust some of the common pet travel myths. Let’s move forward:

It’s easy to move pets even without hiring professionals

Pet transportation is tricky work that requires lots of care and professionalism to be done to the point. Otherwise, as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. What we meant here is that DIY pet transportation can be a risky and expensive affair, particularly for those who may handle it for the first time.

With that being said, you must know what the difference would be when moving pets with and without professionals. When you hire us for Pet Air Travel Service, you will receive the following benefits:

  • All-inclusive information about pick-up, drop-off, etc.
  • Be familiar with all airline travel guidelines and rules.
  • No fear of airline restrictions.
  • A cost-effective option.

You must escort your pet on the same flight

Pet air transportation is something people nowadays doubt a lot. Many pet parents believe that certain rules are mandatory while traveling with pets. There are indeed rules or guidelines, but you must verify those rules. Have you also heard that you must escort your pet on the same flight you’re traveling?

Don’t simply believe it! There is no specific rule that pet parents and pets have to travel on the same board. If you want to know further about how we handle pet transportation, simply reach out to our professionals. We’d like to hear something from you soon!

Quarantine is mandatory for pets in all countries 

Quarantine is possibly the biggest threat pet owners have in mind while traveling across the borders with pets. Do you also think that your pets have to go under a stretched quarantine in all countries? You know it is true, but not for all countries. The rule of quarantine is somewhere necessary to prevent the spread of exotic and zoonotic diseases. But keep in mind that, quarantine is not mandatory for your pets all over the world.

Let’s keep it a little simple! You know when you travel to a country already affected by rabies, your pet will go under quarantine. In addition to this, the length or duration of quarantine for pets can be different, depending on various factors. But when you contact our pet experts, it will be our duty to help you acquire top-class International Pet Travel Services.

The cargo hold is punishing for pets

The cargo hold is the place in the aircraft used to load the pets by keeping all safety factors in mind. The cargo hold can’t be punishing for pets, not at all. This is because this dedicated space is temperature-controlled and pressurized.

Moreover, the cargo hold maintains the pressure and temperature as same as the of the cabin. All in all, you should not believe this myth because the cargo hold is often very safe and comfortable for your pets.

Pets need chews, toys, and other treats to combat boredom

This is another very interesting, but the fallacious thing people say while traveling with pets. These things can lead your pets to a choking hazard, which can lead to further problems. To protect your dogs from such threats, keep away things such as blankets, towels from them.

So, eventually, you have covered some of the brisk pet travel myths. Hopefully, this will help you change what you were thinking earlier when traveling with pets. Contact us now for a friendlier and affordable Pet Air Travel Service in the U.S.