Hi, My name is Peyton!

I have been adopted, together with my brother, Walter.

Peyton - Cat For Adoption in Tampa

Precious Peyton

Looking for a matched set of precious pussycats for adoption in Tampa? Cats with charm, personality, good looks and plenty of playfulness?

Walter Black Cat For Adoption in Tampa

Wonderful Walter

Meet Peyton, and her brother, Walter! This bonded pair of healthy, well behaved and very clean 4 year olds are in desperate need of a new home, with loving owners who will cherish them and provide a safe, healthy and happy forever home.

Both cats are just 4 years old, very healthy, up to date on shots altered and ready-to-own. They are indoors-only cats. They are fine with small children and other pets.

Walter and Peyton live in Tampa, and are hoping to find a new abode in the area. They are being rehomed by their loving owners, who have found themselves in the very distressing situation of no longer being able to provide for their cherished family members. Sadly, due to health issues with their daughter, the family must find Peyton and Walter a new home urgently. They are heartbroken to have to make this change, but it is essential for the safety and wellbeing of these wonderful cats.

Walter is a very dog-like cat. He is so cool! He’s got a very laid back, gentle and affectionate personality. Nothing fazes him. He’s a very clean cat – always uses his litter box properly and doesn’t scratch the furniture.

Peyton is a sweetheart. She is so pretty, with her Tabby markings and beautiful green eyes. She has a “wild” look, but a very tame, inquisitive, playful and affectionate nature.

This pair are very much in love with each other, so it is very important that they find a home together. They will be placed with their supplies, along with the very sincere gratitude and friendship of their current family.

Please help bring about a happy ending to this very sad and emotional situation. Offer Walter and Peyton a home today. This is a pair of pussycats who will definitely leave paw prints on your heart. They are special!

All About Peyton

[one_half] Name of Pet: Peyton
Location: Tampa, Florida
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet:
Sex of Pet: Female[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet: 4
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Unknown
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Unknown
Accessories Included: I will send the shelves we use for the cat highway and the cat scratch toys we have.

Peyton’s Personality

Peyton is a sweetheart. She is quiet, calm, sensitive and sweet. She will often gently place her paw on your arm to ask for some love and affection. She mews quietly and rolls over when she’s happy. Peyton would be great for a “quiet” family or an older family. She likes peace and quiet and gentle love. She loves to watch TV and really enjoys watching shows about airplanes. I don’t get it 😉 But, she’s a great girl, quiet, a bit more apprehensive than Walter but once you earn her love, she’s yours for life. Very loyal and loving. Couldn’t ask for a better cat. Short-hair tabby. Indoor only, non-declawed, spayed, no aggression issues, no bathroom issues, almost no noise (if she does “mew” it’s only because she’s excited and it’s extremely quiet).

Peyton’s Current Home Environment

We have a 2 cat household, 1200SQFT house, inside only cats

Peyton’s Current Family:

We have a child, 2 young adults in the house. Daughter has mental health issues that make it so we need a safer home for cats.

Peyton’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Peyton likes to play with your hand under the blanket and with bags and small toys she can bat around. She likes to play with little fishing poles and her scratching post. She also likes to play with small things on the TV if she can reach them.

Cute Peyton Story:

When you are hurting, Walter and Peyton are your saviors. Each in their own way, they come over to help heal you. Peyton likes to sleep behind your legs while you curl up to sleep. She puts her paw gently on your arm to ask for love. She is a sweet girl.

Why is Peyton Being Rehomed?

Daughter has mental health issues.

Peyton’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

For Peyton, a quiet/calm home is best. It’s important that she stays indoors and is NOT declawed. She loves Walter and I would be happiest if she could find a home together with him.