Hi, My name is Rosie!

I have found my forever home with a wonderful couple! I am already being spoiled rotten!

Rosie - Adorable Pug Mix For Adoption Chicago

I LOVE my tummy rubs!

Rosie is an absolutely ADORABLE Fawn Pug mix puppy. She is just 8 months old, very healthy, spayed and up to date on her shots. She is crate trained, house trained and well behaved, aside from the usual puppy playfulness and antics, which she will soon grow out of.

Rosie loves to be held like a baby and have her tummy rubbed. She loves to go on car rides, and will follow you everywhere, happy to be in your presence no matter what you may be doing.

Rosie is being rehomed by her owners. They are heartbroken to have to make this difficult decision, but Rosie and their older dog just do not get along. Who would have thought Rosie would be an Alpha female? They are hoping to find Rosie a loving new home, and would love to stay in touch with her after she is rehomed.

The perfect home for Rosie will be one where she will get plenty of attention and affection. She is just fine with cats, but other dogs are probably not a good idea.

Rosie will bring her supplies along with her, along with the sincere gratitude and friendship of her owners.

All About Rosie

[one_half] Name of Pet: Rosie
Location: Morton Grove, IL, 60053
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Pug Mix
Sex of Pet: Female[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet: 9 months (born may 10th 2014)
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Yes
Gets along with dogs: No
Accessories Included: Her crate and crate pad, her bed, her leash and collar, vet records, and her favorite toys. We will also give bowls and some of her food to get you started along with the name/contact information of the trainer who knows her and the dog walking service we used when we were potty training her.

Rosie’s Personality

Rosie is a super super sweet little girl who loves to cuddle and hug. We adopted her at 8 weeks old-she was born on May 10th 2014 in a foster home where she, her mother, and her litter mates lived until the pups were ready for adoption in July. She loves to be held like a baby while having her tummy rubbed and wants nothing more than to please her people. She rides in the car like a total champ. She just sits quietly in the backseat. SO good! She is *highly* motivated by food which is great because a food motivated dog is very easy to train and correct with positive reinforcement which is the most effective type of training. We have done a lot of training with her and she is well on her way to being a wonderfully trained dog with good listening skills and attention to her human family members. Our good training is a foundation-she is still very young and wily and you will definitely have to continue to regular and consistent training to maintain and improve her good behavior and obedience. She is 97% house trained; she has had one or two accidents in the last month; she is still too young to be left without a potty break for more than 6-7 hours. She is playful and loves to tug with a rope toy, throw stuffed animals around and chase a ball. But really she just wants to be cuddled and loves and pet. She follows me from room to room and lays down on the floor where ever I am. I run on the treadmill in the mornings and I have a bed next to the tread mill where she quietly lays down to wait for me. She is super smart-knows how to ring bells to go outside and very easily trainable/catches on to games and training quickly. Rosie LOVES children. She is so good with kids and is very gentle and submissive. She is still a puppy and has some puppy naughtiness-she likes to shred paper (garbage cans with lids are a good tool for keeping her out of trouble). Also, sometimes when she gets something she is not supposed to have, she will run away to avoid us taking it from her. Usually a stern voice “Rosie, COME” gets her to stop and she will sheepishly let you take whatever contraband she has in her mouth. She is very good about using/sleeping in her crate and often goes in there to hang out and rest. We keep her crate in our bedroom and this is something that should continue. She is still not quite ready to be out of the crate at night unsupervised but is comforted by being in the room with us/still part of the family at bedtime. Eventually, she will be able to sleep all cozy in the bed with you of that is what you want, or she will happily continue to sleep in her crate at night if you prefer not to have a dog in the bed. Rosie is just a happy little girl with some gangly puppy charm. She is learning to walk on a leash and does really well with a technique that I invented and can show you. She is also in the process of learning to “wait”….I put her food bowl down at night and make her wait 10-15 seconds before I say “okay” and then she can go to her food. She is getting better and better at waiting (once she is older and all of her puppyness has subsided, she will be very patient and obedient.) She does bark at people who walk by when she is in the house or in the yard; she is protective of her home in terms of using her voice but she is not “mean” or aggressive to people. When she is inside and barks at people walking by, she is easily redirected with the command “Rosie, leave it” and will stop her barking to run to you for a treat. When she is in the yard, it can be harder to get her attention but high value treats and/or a loud noise (we have a condensed air can called “pet corrector” that works amazingly well…it’s just a loud spray of air and the noise gets her attention and stops her behavior. She has some fear of other dogs and has trouble with dogs. She is not, at this time, a dog park dog or a dog you can just walk up to other dogs with. She has fear bases aggression toward strange dogs (basically…she looks like she is aggressive but underneath the behavior is fear and a lack of confidence as opposed to a gut instinct to hurt other dogs). If you have family members with dogs or friends who have dogs with whom you want Rosie to interact, she will need to meet the dogs several times with close, leashed supervision in order to make the relationship work. An investment in training sessions with a really good trainer who uses positive reinforcement will probably make Rosie much better with other dogs (we actually already have a trainer who knows Rosie and is affordable and we can give you her name and information so you can continue working with Rosie.) We love Rosie and we are so sad to have to re-home her. We know she will be a wonderful, loving, happy addition to any home in which she can be an only dog.

Rosie’s Current Home Environment

We live in a relatively quiet suburb. We do not have kids of our own, but we have lots of friends who have kids of varying ages (from 3-10) who come over to our house quite a bit. We have a yard so Rosie can go potty regularly pretty easily, but she also benefits from daily walks.

Rosie’s Current Family:

We have three cats and one other dog. Rosie does pretty well with the cats-she definitely wants to play with them but they do not always want to play with her. We do have one cat that will play with her, but we have to supervise because Rosie is still an exuberant puppy and can get too rough for the cat-nothing too serious and all with good intentions, but sometimes she’s just too excited and we have to give her a time out so the cat can either get away if she doesn’t want to play anymore, or collect her self a bit so she can continue playing with Rosie. We also have a cat that wants absolutely nothing to do with Rosie and swats her when she gets to near. Rosie is pretty respectful of the cat telling her to back off. Again-she’s still a puppy so she can be curios and will want to test kitty boundaries. As long as you supervise, everything will be ok and, eventually, she will calm down as she ages and probably won’t be so curious.

Rosie’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

She loves to be pet. Just pet pet pet cuddle cuddle all the time. Her favorite activity is to be hugged by us. Aside from that, she also loves to go on walks and is learning to be really good on the leash. She loves to play tug, and play with stuffed toys that she throws in the air and tosses around (it’s very cute).

Cute Rosie Story:

Rosie is a total goof. She’s just so cute and sweet. Whenever she sees kids, she goes up to them and rolls over on her back to show her tummy. My stepdaughter came over with her daughter, Lily and Rosie went right up to Lily, put her head in Lily’s lap and nudged her hand to get pets. Lily said “This dog really likes me!” It was so cute. I also took Rosie over to my friend Jane’s house to visit with Jane’s daughters-two girls ages 3 and 7. The 7 year old LOVES Rosie and wants to learn all about taking care of dogs (they aren’t ready for a dog yet, otherwise, Jane and her family would take Rosie). Jane’s 7 year old wanted to take Rosie for a walk, and it was almost like Rosie knew…this is a little girl and I need to be gentle on the leash. Rosie was just so good and sweet with her. Another time, the girls wanted to give Rosie a baht because they had never given a dog a bath before. Rosie was so good at letting them wash her (with my help, of course) and it was so sweet to see.

Why is Rosie Being Rehomed?

We have an older dog, Emaline, and Rose and Emaline just aren’t working well together. We brought Rosie home at 8 weeks old and they two dogs seemed to get a long just fine. When Rosie got to be about 4 months old, the two dogs started to fight violently. Rosie can be a bit of a bully with Emaline-which amazes me because a) she is the sweetest dog in the world with people and b) she is so scared of dogs that don’t live in her house. Rosie and Emaline have gotten into several fights and I am so so worried about the safety of both dogs. We have had several trainers come and we have spent a lot of money to fix the problem but we aren’t making much progress. For whatever reason, the two girls just do not seem to get along (I have subsequently learned, that, generally, you do not want to have two female dogs in a home together because, apparently, females are more likely to fight for dominance than a male and female together or two males together.) I have been bitten several times trying to separate them and it is just overall very scary for everyone. When the do fight, Rosie just shakes it off and does not seem to be too disturbed but Emaline is terrified and shakes violently for several hours after a fight. They used to fight way more often and, true, it has subsided in terms of frequency, but it happens often enough that we think this just isn’t a good environment for either dog. This has been a really hard decision for us to make because, as you can see from my above statements, Rosie is an absolutely wonderful dog in so many ways and we love her to prices. I’m afraid that one or both dogs is going to get hurt and I would rather re-home Rosie with a good, loving family and feel sad about losing her than to have her stay with us and risk getting hurt, or hurting out other dog whom we also love tremendously. .

Rosie’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

We both work full days (I leave the house around 7:45/8:00 and I get home between 4:30 and 5:30) Rosie does well all day, but when I get home at 5:30, that’s really pushing it. These are the times when she has an accident and this is my fault not hers. If either my husband or I ever need to stay late at work, or want to go out right after work with friends, we need to communicate that to each other in advance so that one of us can be home to let her out. We are home a lot and spend a lot of time with Rosie. During the day, we have her in a small area (about 8ft by 10 ft) that we have gated off. In the area we keep toys for her and her bed. She does not need to be crated all day, and really shouldn’t because 8+ hours is too long for her to be in a crate, but again, she is still too young to have free reign in the house with out supervision. We lead a pretty quiet life and have a lot of time to spend with her. She would do really well in a similar home or one where at least one of her family members doesn’t work, works from home, or is a stay-at-home parent, etc. She should be the only dog in a home.

Additional Comments:

Ideally, we would love to be able to see Rosie from time to time and hear about her/get texts pics. Also, we can keep a relationship with the family she goes to and we can do dog sitting if you ever go out of town.