Very sweet senior female cat for adoption in New York City. Selma is 16 but very healthy. She has a velvety black coat, beautiful green eyes and a soft, melodious mew. She has been spayed, is up to date on shots and very clean and well behaved. Supplies will be included.

Meet Selma!

Got boxes? Selma will be your best friend! She LOVES boxes, almost as much as she adores paper!

Got boxes? Selma will be your best friend! She LOVES boxes, almost as much as she adores paper!

Velvety soft fur… Mesmerizing green eyes… A sweet, soft purr… A quiet, steadfast friend…

Selma offers all this, and much more!

Sure, Selma is older at 16, but she is a golden oldie! This adorable black cat is plump and pretty. She’s healthy, spayed, up to date on her shots and very well behaved and clean. She’s very low maintenance. She loves your company, but also is content to nap quietly while you work or watch tv.

Selma?is looking for someone to love and cherish her.?She?s such a sweet little lady?and a great companion.

While it breaks her heart to find her?a new home, Selma’s?owner has recently gone through a divorce, and simply does not have the time or resources to provide Selma?with the safe, happy home she?both needs and deserves. She is traveling extensively due to work demands, and poor Selma?gets very little time with her. She?spends most of her?time alone in her apartment, which is not an ideal situation.

Ideally, Selma?would love to find a quiet home with a loving owner who has time to spend with her. She?would prefer?a calm environment where there is little coming and going. Selma?would be the perfect companion for a senior, retired or work-at-home cat lover. The most important consideration for Selma?is that she?have a quiet home where she will?feel safe and loved.

Please offer this precious old sweetie?a home today. She has lots of love left to offer.?She?will add immeasurable love, joy and companionship to your life.

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Adoption Fees Will be Waived. Supplies will be included.

All About Selma

[one_half] Name of Pet: Selma
Location: Brooklyn, New York, 11205
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: domestic cat
Sex of Pet:?Female[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet:?16
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: No
Gets along with cats: No
Gets along with dogs: No
Good with Children?: Unknown
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: A running water fountain and litter boxes. I also have a pet carrier I can supply. Food bowls, brushes. I am willing to provide funds to cover shots and whatever else either pet needs. I would like to microchip Selma and Woody so I can check on their location for a long time. I will miss them terribly, but feel it is not fair to keep them in my environment since I am not able to give them the life they deserve.

Current Home Environment

I live in a studio apartment. Pretty devoid of entertainment opportunities for them. But- like I said – they don’t need much. Presently they share the space with Ned, a cat they never got along with. It’s a fairly small space for three cats and a human, but probably large enough for them without Ned. A studio apartment on the third floor. Woody, in particular, is easily frightened by sounds in the hallway – so I have put a sound damper under the door, which has been sufficient to make him feel safe enough. He still notices when there are people in the hall, but no longer runs and burrows under the comforter like he used to.

?Selma Toys, Foods, Activities?

Selma loves getting a good brushing. Selma’s got a passion for breaking down cardboard with her teeth and shredding paper into tiny bits. She is very happy in a pile of paper she can be free to tear into little pieces or a cardboard box.

Cute Selma Story:

Selma was the first cat we got. When I first saw her, out on the street, she was less than a year old, and didn’t even look like a cat. I got near her and she started yelling at me “MEEOW – MEEW – MEEEOW” – I spoke to her and she followed me home. She had ringworm so bad, more than half her hair was missing. Turns out she had ermines – which is why she was yelling – she couldn’t hear. She also had a lung infection and worms. She had it all. It took about six months of treatment and patient care to get her to a point where she looked like a cat again.

Selma’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

A peaceful and respectful owner. Preferably no outdoor space or other pets. Selma’s sight is pretty poor at this point – she can see, but not very well – so new environments are a challenge for her.
She needs a source of running water at all times.

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