Hi,? Our names are Sophie & Mimi!

Tuxedo Cats For Adoption in Glendale COThe Royal Cats of Glendale Seek New A Castle To Call Home

HRH Sophie, and HRH Mimi, the unofficial Queen and Princess of Glendale, Colorado are seeking a new estate with loving subjects to rule over. These regal felines rule with an iron paw, requiring ongoing adoration and regular access to a warm, human lap and plenty of cuddles. Both the Queen and Princess are 4 years young, healthy, spayed and up to date on their vaccinations.

The purrfect new “queendom” for their majesties will be a castle with only one or two servants.? The ladies enjoy a quiet existence with their thrones placed near the castle windows, where they can survey the grounds, watching the royal birds and bees, while partaking of the sun’s rays.

Their new estate should not contain their arch rivals – dogs. Actually, don’t speak of dogs in their royal presence, lest ye be hissed at.

Both of these majestic cats have exceptional mannerisms, having been attended graciously by their existing lady in waiting since kittenhood. Despite their lofty self image, both ladies are easily cared for, and do not have expensive tastes.

They often forget their “blue blood” and engage in rather raucous activities, gayly chasing one another around as if “commoners”. They have even been witnessed chasing string and batting at cat toys (quite regularly, actually).

Both cats have been regularly attended by the Royal veterinarian, and are exceptionally healthy. They have been recently given their annual vaccinations and there shall be no “royal progeny”. (They are spayed).

Please lower your drawbridge and welcome the Queen and Princess into your heart and home. They will surely make your house feel like a Castle.

You can offer these adorable cats a home using our online application form here: https://petprosservices.com/adopt/. There is a $50 adoption/rehoming fee for both cats, once an adoption is finalized. All supplies will be included.

If you have any questions about Sophie and Mimi, or the adoption process, please feel free to call Mark toll free at 888-9-PETS4U.

All About Sophie & Mimi

[one_half] Name of Pet: Sophie & Mimi
Location: Glendale, Colorado, 80246
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: American Short Hair
Sex of Pet: Female[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet: 4
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: No
Gets along with dogs: No
Accessories Included: Water fountain, food dishes, towers, litterbox, litter, food and container and favorite toy.

Sophie & Mimi’s Personality

Sophie is a diva queen. She really knows how to get what she wants and that is usually for you to give her all of your attention. Sophie likes to find the highest place to perch and if you will let her she will perch on your shoulder and walk around with you.

If Sophie is queen then Mimi is the princess! Mimi is very sweet and mostly wants to snuggle. A lap snuggle is great but if she can snuggle in bed under the covers with you that is best. Mimi is also a talker and will call for you to come play!

Sophie & Mimi’s Current Home Environment

Very quiet and peaceful. Well, except when the cats decide to chase each other around then it gets a little exciting. The cats are used to being the only children/pets and get almost anything they want.

Sophie & Mimi’s Current Family:

Quiet just the two kitties and two adult humans, no children and no other pets.

Sophie & Mimi’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Any string. Or anything with a feather. Especially if it can fly through the air and the cats can run and jump tackle or ambush it.

Cute Sophie & Mimi Story:

Sophie loves her kitty tower and she is a nester. Literally she will find paper and take it to her tower and shred it with her teeth to make herself a nest. We know she is happy doing this because her nose will change colors according to her mood. Normal, calm and content her nose is pale pink almost white. However, if it is bright pink almost red she is excited and something is about to happen!

Mimi has a funny habit of curling up on your lap which takes a bit of preparation on her part. First she has to do the kneading of the lap with her paws. You know ypu are in for a serious snuggle if the tip of her tongue is out! Then she will plop down and pull your hand to her where she will begin to lick your fingers until she is satisfied. Finally she will rub her face in your hand as if it were here personal kitty face wipe!

Why is Sophie & Mimi Being Rehomed?

Fianc?e is severely alergic with alergy triggered asthma which has made it impossible to keep the cats under the same roof with us.

Sophie & Mimi’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

A home that understands the unique needs of cats. A home where these sisters can be the center of attention. They would do best in a quiet home with no children or other animals. A place where they can sun themselves in the window and chase each other around inside. Outdoor access would not be good since they have never been outside.

Additional Comments:

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