Meet Ruby!

Hi, my name is Ruby and I am a super sweet and cuddly dog.?I am?a mix breed of Hound and Pit Bull, so my?personality falls along those breeds of dogs?(loyal, hunter, muscular and super smart.) I?can be playful at times, but also very lazy and relaxed the next. I am a “people-person” dog who loves to be around adults, but I do get nervous around kids. My ideal home would be a home without young kids, someone who can walk me regularly, and play with me often.?I love?to chase squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and pretty much anything that will run, so a yard with a fence would suit me perfectly.?I tend not to bark unless I see a reason to, so whether?you prefer a quieter home or not, I should?fit in quite well! I am UTD on shots and have no health issues. Watch this video to learn more about me.

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All About?Ruby

[one_half] Name of Pet(s):?Ruby
Location: Nashville, TN, Tennessee 37216
Type of Pet:?Dog
Breed of Pet:?Mixed
Sex of Pet:?Female
Age of Pet:?10 years
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems:?No
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Up To Date on Vaccinations:?Yes
Gets along with cats:?No
Gets along with dogs:?No
Good with Children?:?No
House Broken or Litter Trained?:?Yes
Accessories Included:?Dog Kennel,?Bed,?Food and water dish,?large food storage container,?toys,?leash, gentle leader, muzzle, sweater, pumpkin costume, poop bags.

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More Info From the Current Owners

Ruby’s Personality:

Ruby is a super sweet cuddly dog. She can be playful at times and very lazy and relaxed most other times. She loves being with her owners, she is a people person dog so she loves to be with her owners and making them happy. She doesn’t have issues with separation anxiety issues. She is a mix breed of Hound and Pit Bull, so her personality falls along those breeds of dogs, which are very loyal, hunter, lazy, muscular, picks up training easily. She is pretty chill through the day, but loves to get out her energy a few times a day with a toy or outside in a fenced in back yard. She is very obedient when it comes to house discipline. Loves to chase squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, pretty much anything that will run. She is not a big barker, but when she does it’s usually for a reason.

Ruby’s Current Home Environment:

Ruby lives with her two owners who are married. They are laid back people which has affected Ruby’s personality. They have been able to work from home for the past 4 years, so Ruby loves that her owners are at home all day. Before that they had to work out of the house, and she did well with that situation as well. She enjoys long naps during the day. She also loves when she gets to go out and play in their large fenced in back yard. She likes to spend a lot of time outside when the weather is nice, but has always been an inside dog, so she gets to sleep with her owners in their room.

Ruby’s Current Family:

Ruby was adopted when she was about 1 1/2-2 years old (the rescue wasn’t sure of her exact age). She has lived with her owners, husband and wife in LA, then Dallas, and now Nashville over the last 8 years. She has been on many adventure with us and it’s been a wonderful experience having Ruby as our pet. We love to travel so when we were out of town and couldn’t bring Ruby with us we would have a friend or in house pet setting services take care of Ruby. We never wanted to board Ruby our of the house since she was a Rescue and we wouldn’t ever want her to think she was going to have to be back in one again. We feel safe with Ruby in our home. She loves to snuggle, sleep, play and eat…pretty simple as far as her needs go. Our family is getting ready to expand with our first child.

Ruby’s Favorite Toys, Food, and Activities:

Toys: She loves bouncy balls and any toy with a squeaky in it. She will destroy most toys pretty quickly so we are always looking for extra durable toys for her. We have gotten somewhat lucky with a few different kinds.

Foods: She loves food! She thinks she loves anything your eating, but that isn’t always true. We limit her from having too much people food, but will sometimes give her a little bite of leftover if we know it won’t upset her stomach. She loves a little bit of milk in her dog food as a treat.

Activities: Tug-a-war, walks, outside playtime, car rides, looking out the window, belly rubs, sleeping and snuggling.

Why is Ruby?Being Rehomed?

We are very sad to have to rehome Ruby. She is great with us and other adult friends, but unfortunately she is not great with children. She can’t quite figure them out and it makes her anxious and unstable. She is also a very strong dog, she weighs about 70 pounds of muscle, so that can be an issue around children. We are getting ready to have a baby and have to except that our environment is changing in a way that will not be conducive for a baby if we were to try to keep Ruby. So with much sadness we are needing to find her a new home.

Ruby’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Someone who would love the company and joys that come with having a pet around. A home were she can be inside at night but have a great closed in and secured yard to play in. No children, we feel is a must. Ruby doesn’t do well with most other dogs. She plays rough, as we like to say ‘She plays for keeps’. So it would probably be best if her new home didn’t already have any pets. She does get along with larger more docile dogs, so that could be an option. We hope to find Ruby a new home were her new owners would love her as much if not more than we have been able to. We would love to stay in touch and hear how Ruby is doing from time to time.

Additional Comments:

Ruby is short haired so she sheds a lot less than most dogs. She has beautiful brindle colored hair. When we rescued her she was fixed and micro-chipped. She has no previous or current health issues. We like to give her a bath once a month, she’s is not the biggest fan, but she will let you shower her even though she doesn’t love it. She dislikes lawn mower and leaf blowers. I would put her up when your taking care of that particular yard work. She also dislikes fly swatters, they scare her and she can start to tremble if your using one (not sure if she has a bad experience before we got her). She loves her kennel, we rarely lock her in it, but we do keep the door open with her bed in there so she can sleep in it if she wants to. It’s has always been her ‘safe place’, when we travel and in the home.

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