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$25 Rehoming Fee – Supplies Included

  • Neutered male cat, American shorthair.
  • Up to date on vaccinations.
  • Gets along with cats and adults.
  • Dogs and children unknown.
  • Litter trained, no health problems.
  • New Braunfels, TX


Hi! I’m Indie, warm and curious. If your kitty needs a strong, loving playmate, you’ll find me a joy. I’m tender and smart, and purr a lot. I like to be with my family for everything from breakfast to sleeping.

My imagination is high, and I share toys easily. I climb and leap, pounce from yard bags and boxes, chase feathers on a string, and am curious about water. I’m definitely an indoor boy, but love the garden and patio, as well as a warm garage window seat for bird watching. In the garden I hunt bugs, scratch on logs, play with grass that you pull thru the yard for me, and gaze intently at creatures up high. My current Mom lets me jump on the fence top, but only after she learned that I didn’t want to leave at all. A bigger garden with a tree to climb would be lovely.

I’m about 18 months old and was somehow lost from my family. They must have been very special to raise a sweet boy like me. I miss them and like to be with other cats. I can walk on a leash, have my teeth rubbed with cat toothpaste, and be groomed. I especially like to have my big soft ears wiped and my face brushed, and have learned that we do grooming and teeth brushing just before bed.

I love raw cat food (great for teeth), and especially Rad Cat. I enjoy trying whatever canned food the other cats are eating, and like dry food too. I’m very healthy. I was already neutered, and now am chipped and up-to-date on shots and vet visits.
I am a very well-behaved boy and am perfectly litter trained. Clean as a whistle!

Please offer me a great home today. I will add some spice to your kitty family’s life and yours, and purr my way into your heart.

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$25 Rehoming Fee – Supplies Included


Adoption Application Form

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Our home environment:
We live in New Braunfels, TX, and have a sunny single-story, garden home” size house. Every room?? has cat seating and climbing areas, and the cats are encouraged to play and explore. The front patio has a little bridge over a sunken garden, and is enclosed by a see-through gate. The small back yard has a? porch in the morning sun, and? a well-planted habitat yard that cats love to pad around and explore in. Our home is on a circle street. Behind our fence is a field which sometimes has cows. An 8-foot fence with vines separates us from adjacent homes.
Our family:
We are middle-aged with no children, just two elderly cats and Indie.? Marty is a devoted cat dad, who tenderly holds and massages his frail cats and is kind to Indie. Marty gives morning treats before going off to work, and is the warm hearth person in the family. I (Linda) work at home, which allows breaks for kitty care. During the day I make time for garden and patio time, cat tv, treats and feeding. For Indie there is additional wand play, any games or curiosity activities I can think of and walking in the neighborhood on the leash twice a day.
Indie’s favorite toys, food, activities:
Indie loves the feather on a wand toy, and bounds easily from bed to climber, racing into the kitchen, and twisting and jumping to catch the feather. A long string on a wand becomes a snake that slithers under sacks and cloths on the floor, or through the grass in the garden. A toy mouse or ball gets tossed and batted. He loves watching at the edge of a hanging cloth or sack where he can see something moving nearby, and then racing under to capture it. He would love to climb a slanting tree, a nice safe branch. He spends hours at the window bird watching (barely open so the birds don’t see him through the coated glass), or watching birds on the front patio (with plants so they don’t see him). He jumps up on the sink to watch water activity, such as washing dishes. He’s eager to go for a walk because he needs more exercise, and sits patiently while putting on the harness. We go in the quiet cool time of day, and he leads me slowly around our circle street with no sidewalks, where I let him wander about 5 feet into the yards. He eats grass, smells things, looks for bugs and lizards, watches the trees, and hunches down if something alarming happens (cars, other walkers). He loves to be with us all, and often follow us or the cats if we leave the room. (for food, see the Personality info).
Indie is especially endearing at communicating. He touches noses with the cats, bumps heads with the people, pats and paws gently to direct attention or ask to stop petting, purrs loudly, gazes earnestly and reaches up when hungry, runs to the gate to ask for a walk, sighs contentedly when petted before going to sleep.
Reason for rehoming:
Indie needs a playmate and more space. Our two elderly cats are frail and a little afraid of him, and he is frustrated that they can’t play. We rescued him from the street in front of our home, and tried to find his owner. We gave him the best care and love, and always planned to rehome him to the right family.

Home you are looking for:
A warm loving cat-friendly family, with a zoom-around home, a garden for supervised outdoor time, and a similar cat playmate. I think no dogs or young children, but I could be wrong.
The family should be experienced with cats and already spend time caring for their own cats. The home should have well-used climbing posts, toys, and play y areas. There should be one (uncovered) litter box per cat plus one extra. Water and litter cleaned twice a day. They should know how to introduce new cats, put the cat group at ease with treats and shared scents on brushes, groom them and clean their teeth. They should be using Revolution or similar for parasite protection, have a good vet, and regular wellness care. They should use? knowledge resources such as Jackson Galaxy, cat forum, the ASPCA, raw feeding forum, etc.
Initial food and taurine supplements (Rad Cat is a complete nutrition, but raw foods such as fish & chicken don’t contain taurine), food dishes for easy thawing, favorite treats, a pet fountain if they don’t have one, blankets, toys, leash & harness, blankets that he likes to sleep on, medical records, chip record, Cat DVD, grooming tools and documentation on what he’s accustomed to.
Plan to visit:
Indie has only been with us for 3 months and is still young, though he loves me especially. I’ll be happy to visit him, but think he will adapt easily to a loving family. I trust that you will check the home for three months and I need not worry.