Hi, My name is Lilly!


Lily is in desperate need of a loving, forever home with an active single, couple or family. This sweet and affectionate 3 year old dog is a mix of German Shorthaired Pointer and Labrador Retriever. She is medium sized at 40 pounds, very healthy, spayed and up to date on her shots. Lily is house trained and crate trained.

She loves to swim and likes to stay active. Lily loves to go hiking and enjoys any opportunity to run free. She is a great guard dog, and she also loves to cuddle.

Lily is best suited for a home where she can be the only dog. She should have a securely fenced back yard big enough for her to run and play in. Lily is an active dog, and would be best suited for folks who love to visit the beach, go hiking, running and other activities.

All About Lilly

[one_half] Name of Pet: Lilly
Location: Laguna Niguel, CA, 92677
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: German Short Haired Pointer & Lab Mix
Sex of Pet: Female[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet: 3
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: No
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Unknown
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: A large bag of food, collar, leash, food bowls, toys, vet info, and anything else that the owner my want or request.

Lilly’s Personality

She is very loving and extremely sweet. Lilly loves the out doors and love to run free on long hikes. She is a ball of energy. She also loves to cuddle!

Lilly’s Current Home Environment

Very relaxed and welcoming. I am a fast paced person so I am in and out of the house all the time.

Lilly’s Current Family:

My family is loving, caring and a lot of fun. We are constantly doing things together at home and out around the town. We love the beach and love to go sailing as well.

Lilly’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Lilly loves peanut butter and toys that are mentally challenging. There is a toy where its like a puzzle and she has to think creatively to get the treat inside the toy. This occupies her for hours. Its great when she has to be home alone all day. Lilly is extremely healthy because she is on a completely organic diet. She eats organic dog treats and the food brand she eats is Organix. I also feed her some home made salmon and organic rice and plain organic eggs as a treat once n a while. Her favorite place is the beach, she love the ocean, swimming in it and being free. Hiking is a close second.

Lilly’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

The ideal home environment for Lilly is where she is the only dog living there because she is such a great guard dog. Also, she has always lived alone as the only dog, so this will be familiar and comfortable for her. Also the ideal person or family would be someone who has a large backyard or someone who is very active and loves to be outside a lot. Lilly is high energy and needs a lot of attention. Also, it would warm my heart to know that she would be fed an organic died and stayed in good health. She has never had ANY health problems and thats because of her diet.