California Pet Adoptions

Adopting Cats and Dogs in California

Are you ready to adopt a dog or cat in California? If so, browse our local pet adoptions right here in California. We have many dogs and cats looking for new homes today and maybe you can help them stay out of the shelters. We specialize in local pet adoption and we strive to keep all unwanted pets out of shelters and off the streets.

Easy Way to Adopt Cats or Dogs in California

The shelters here in California are full and running out of funds to take care of the dogs and cats they have. Let’s keep all pets out of shelters moving forward, shall we? Find your perfect pet today with our online pet adoption services. Search by age, weight, breed, or sex. Looking for a cat for adoption who gets along with kids? Need a small dog who can live in an apartment? Whatever your lifestyle, we have a dog or cat ready to go home today. If you don’t see one that feels like a perfect match, use our Perfect Pet finder and let us find your perfect pet today.

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