Hi, My name is May (Often Mei-Mei, meaning little sister in Chinese)!

Looking for that perfect purring someone? May the cat would love to meet you! This adorable little cat is just 7 years old, very healthy, spayed and up to date on her shots. She is as sweet as she looks and loves to be picked up and cuddled. She’s a real lap cat and loves her people.

May has beautiful green eyes and a grey tabby coat wit patches of brown. Her chest, face and paws are white. So cute!

She can be a bit shy of people until she gets to know them. Once familiar she is incredibly loving. She likes to play, but not too much. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle up with you and watch TV or help you with your office work by warming your back.

May is being rehomed by her owner, who is very sad to have to make this difficult choice. In addition to having to travel extensively overseas, David is now engaged, and his father-in-law-to-be has severe cat allergies. David realizes that for May’s happiness and wellbeing, it is best for her to find a new home with an owner who has the time to spend with her.

Her perfect home will be with a single, couple or family with older children. She is fine on her own some of the time, but should be with someone who is home fairly often and has time to snuggle with her.

May is a VERY good cat. She is perfectly litter trained and very clean. She has never damaged furniture, preferring to use her scratching post. What a great little cat. Please offer her a home today.

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There is a $25 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About May

[one_half] Name of Pet: May (Often Mei-Mei, meaning little sister in Chinese)
Location: Brooklyn, NY, 11209
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: Mix
Sex of Pet: Female[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Age of Pet: 7
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Yes
Gets along with dogs: Unknown
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: No
Accessories Included: I have everything May needs. Lots of toys, Food, Litter, Cat box with a fancy enclosure, a litter locker (to keep smells away), Carrier (to take to Vet), a scratcher that she likes- you just need to buy a insert that costs a few bucks or a new one- she’s not picky.

I plan to take May to the vet one last time before any adoption and update all teh shots and vaccines – so whoever adopts will have the most up to date medical records for May.

May’s Personality

May is initially very shy, but warms up quickly when it’s clear that there is no imminent doom about to ascend upon her. She is extremely friendly with those that she’s familiar with and very responsive to them. I can pretty much call her like I could any dog and she will actually come.

Once she has warmed up to you, she simply likes being around you. She likes being held and pet and will often squeeze herself behind me in a chair just to have contact with me and nap while I work. She is a shameless beggar for food that smells delicious.

May is a cowardly cat and not especially bright. You probably will not be able to teach her to play the piano, but she is super sweet. She likes to play, but she’s lazy, she won’t run all over the place. Her favorite toy is a string with a wand and she prefers to play with the owner. Other toys such a mice may hold her attention a little bit, but she’ll get bored quickly.

May is very well behaved. She uses the litter box without fail, is very clean, and uses a cardboard scratching bad exclusively. I have never had issues with her damaging furniture. She is relatively good about boundaries. If you make it clear that she should not go out a door, she will understand with some repetition. The most effective way to set boundaries is use of a spray water bottle. I only spray her if she’s actually doing something bad, otherwise, simply shaking the bottle is typically enough warning. Like all behavior training, being consistent is key. Through this method, I have reliably kept her off the bed.

May is typically a very quiet and observant cat. She’ll meow occasionally when bored or to tell you that something is wrong. She’ll only meow for attention if she’s been ignored for a long period of time.

Last but not least, May was rescued with her brother a few weeks old, she has grown up with two other cats for perhaps the first 4 years or her life and got along with them relatively well. They fought a little, but it never got out of hand. In most cases, May as the victim of the other cats aggression (see coward). The only time I’ve ever heard her hiss was when a bullying cat backed her into a corner. May has never lived with dogs- given her personality, I imagine her first reaction would be to run and hide.

May’s Current Home Environment

May has been with me through 4 homes. They were all initially 1-2 bedroom apartments of varying size. My current home is a floor in a rowhouse. May has access to all parts that I live in, but will not leave the front door or go outside. She is strictly an indoor cat (see “not so bright”).

I typically work a 9-6 and spend a lot of time home where May gets a lot of casual attention from me.

May’s Current Family:

May has been my family for the past 7 years. I rescued her with her brother and along the way had rescued another cat. The other cats found other homes with time (I used to rescue and foster when I had time).

During that time I have had roommates, girlfriends, ex’s, parents, and all sorts of people visit and or live with me. But May has always been the sweetest and “my” cat.

May’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

May prefers to chase a wand with a string attached for toys. Mice are an okay alternative, but she’s not really good at entertaining herself. She likes catnip but I don’t give her very much. She is fine with a cardboard scratching post. I have bought her more expensive posts, but she prefers the basic one.

She also loves boxes (I think that’s genetic to cats). Any empty box becomes her new fortress for weeks to come.

May also likes to look out the window.

For foods, I feed May primarily grain free cat food and change up the type of meat used to keep her from getting bored. I do not use low end cat food and I think it contributes a lot to her health (for an indoor cat, May is not overweight despite her distaste for “exercise”).

May however LOVES to get human food. Nothing spicy or too hot, but like the occasional ham or bacon or chicken instantly makes you her new best friend. I admit that I order pizza with ham just so I can give small pieces to her. I do try to limit doing this because it’s not great for her teeth and I don’t want to build unreasonable expectations when she is already a shameless beggar.

Cute May Story:

May only ran out the front door once. I think it was somehow left ajar too long and perhaps some of the foster cats chased her out. I had just moved in so the boundaries had not been set and everything was “new.”

When I returned from work and fed the cats (had 2 others at the time), I realized that May wasn’t there. Panicked, I ran around looking for her everywhere.

I found May just one flight of stairs up, scrunched in as tight a ball as she could to the side of the stairs. Evidently she had spend the workday watching people walk by and doing her level best to be invisible without being stepped on. Seeing as how the building has no shortage of dogs, I imagine it was a harrowing experience for her.

Upon seeing me, the first thing she did was meow and then literally spring into my arms and held on for dear life. I spent the evening with her attached to me until she fell sleep.

Why is May Being Rehomed?

The reasons are many, enough so to be overwhelming. Otherwise, as a former foster parent for cats and kittens, I would never consider it. Two primary reasons stand out:

First, my work now requires long periods of travel overseas. So I am not around as much to give her the attention that she deserves (she doesn’t ask for much- but if I’m never home, I can’t even give her a little). The 9-6 I coveted for so long is no longer possible.

Second, By my fiance’s cultural tradition there is a lot of family that moves in and out of the house. Including her very allergic dad. It is not a minor allergy that can be combated by benadryl, but a rather severe one. Because May is friendly, she’ll rub up against him and cause an outbreak.

May’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I am ideally looking for an individual or a couple that loves animals and treats pets as part of their family. May probably works best in a small home without too many other pets or people because although she is ultra friendly once she’s in her comfort zone, it takes her a fair amount of time to get comfortable.

May is low maintenance, but I am looking for someone who will put in the time to develop the same relationship I have with her.

What I am not looking for is anyone that might potentially rehome May or send to the shelter for any other circumstance. I think it’s tough enough for May to have to leave me.

Additional Comments:

So regarding the staying in touch with May. The reason I am “unsure” is because I am familiar with the bonding process. I do not think it will help the new owners if I keep showing up and disrupting May’s bonding with them. May takes a while to bond in the first place and I had the advantage of rescuing her when she was just a few weeks old.

I am happy to be there as much as needed to help May get acclimated to her new surroundings and her new owners, but much of the work needs to come from the new owners (it’s not hard- just need to give her attention- ham helps!).

If the new owners think my presence won’t help the bonding process, then I should stay away.

That said, I definitely would like to make sure that May is okay.

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