Hope - Calico Cat For Adoption in Seattle

Hope loves to talk to people.

Hope?is and adorable Calico cat who, along with her brother?cat, Terry, is looking for a loving family to cherish her. She?is just 6 years old, very healthy, spayed?and up to date on her?shots.

Hope has been described by her owner as “The Lassie of Cats”. She loves babies, and used to come and get her owner when her baby daughter was awake from her nap. She has also alerted her owner to her brother, Terry, being locked in a cupboard. Hope loves to meow and is very friendly – even with new people. She’s not a lap cat – more of a rubbing up against your legs kind of kitty.

She?and her?brother?are very much in love with each other. They spend much of their time together, groom each other, and sleep cuddled up in a “ying/yan” bundle of fluff. To separate these cats would be tragic, so finding a home together is essential.

These sweet cats are being rehomed by their owners, who are heartbroken to have to make this very difficult decision. Unfortunately their son has developed cat allergies, and their financial situation has changed, making it very difficult to provide the essentials for their cats. They are dearly hoping to find a loving home for Terry and Hope where they will continue to receive the high level of love, care and attention they deserve.

Please consider offering this precious pair a home today. They will be rehomed with their supplies, and the rehoming fee to adopt both cats together is just $25. These are “ready-to-love” cats and very special.

[button link=”https://petprosservices.com/adopt/” size=”large” variation=”hotpink” align=”center”]Apply to Adopt Hope and Terry Here![/button]

There is a $25 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About Hope

Name of Pet:?Hope
Type of Pet:?Cat
Breed of Pet:?domestic short hair
Sex of Pet:?Female
Age of Pet:?6
Pet’s Color and Coat Type:?dilute calico
Micro-chipped or Tattooed?:?Yes
Up to date on vaccinations?:?Yes
Does this pet get along with cats?:?Yes
Does this pet get along with dogs?
Is this pet good with children?:?Yes
Add comments, if needed:
Hope is extremely good with children. She is very sweet and maternal.
Is this pet house-broken? (or litter-trained, if cat):?Yes
Does Your Pet Have Any Health Problems?:?No
Does Your Pet Have Any Behavior Problems?:?No

Hope’s Personality

Hope is a smart cat, she keeps Terry, her bonded cousin in line. She is a bit more vocal than he is, but not to an annoying level at all, more just to let you know she’s around. She’ll bonk you on the head with her head to give you a head-butt. While she’s less likely to end up in your lap, she’ll rub on you and is pretty interactive, even with people that are unfamiliar. She really loves babies and being part of things.

Hope’s Favorite Activities

Hope like to chase a laser light, she’ll jump really high up a wall while doing it, if she gets into it. She also likes to veg out on the couch and relax.

Cute Hope Story

Hope used to come and meow at me when my daughter was a baby and had woken from a nap. It was like she was wanting to tell me to go get the baby. She also does that when Terry is in trouble–like one time he managed to get himself stuck in a cabinet and she came and meowed at me to tell me to go help him. She’s kind of like the Lassie of cats.