Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 19, 2011

With so many people being forced into foreclosure in the current economic crisis, a Florida entrepreneur is helping displaced pets find great homes. Shelters and rescues are at maximum capacity, and Pet Pros Services innovative “pet adoptions agency” is helping match financially challenged pet owners with loving families looking to adopt a dog or cat.

According to pet expert, Deborah Moore, of Dogs and Puppies Central, “Pet Pros Services is one of the most innovative pet adoptions services we’ve seen. Nothing is more heartbreaking than being forced to give up a beloved pet. Knowing where and with whom your dog or cat is being placed, having a role in the approval process, and having the opportunity to keep in touch with your pet can provide great peace of mind.”

Pet Pros Services takes an innovative approach to the pet adoptions process. Their staff consists of trainers, pet health professionals and other pet experts who meet with owners to learn as much as possible about each pet being placed with their service. This cutting edge approach allows them to match each pet with the right family – greatly improving the success rate of each adoption. With adoption fees starting at just $100, this is an affordable service that even financially strapped pet owners can take advantage of.

Pet Pros’ owner, Mark has a knack for finding homes for pets whose owners can no longer keep them. The experienced 40-year-old Orlando businessman and University of Michigan MBA grad founded Pet Pros Service 3 years ago.

“My clients want to know what kind of home their pets are going to, what kind of people they will be living with. They want to be able to stay in touch with their pets through photos and e-mails,” says Mark. “Our service provides that sense of comfort. These are not strays. They are loved members of a family that simply can’t keep them anymore.”


And Mark seems to be “right on the mark” when it comes to this philosophy. Pet owners are flocking to his innovative pet adoptions service, both to find homes for their pets, and to be matched with “pre-loved” pets for their families.

Pet Pros Services boasts an impressive adoption success rate; 95% of pets placed with them find homes within 7 days. Just ask Chris and Vicki Smith, a Seattle couple who found themselves unable to keep their dog. Mark found a loving home for their 8 year old Pitbull, Harel in just 3 days.

“I don’t think we could have found such a wonderful family on our own,” states the couple.

“The new owners have told me that Harel turned into the best dog anyone could ever want, so loving, so playful. Pet Pros truly did a remarkable job and we are truly grateful we found such a great service. Harel has a family that loves and has time for him.”

Pet owners today are much more attached to their cats and dogs. Pets are like children to many, and having no choice but to give up a family companion is one of the great tragedies of the current economic climate. Pet Pros adoption services offers an attractive alternative to shelters and rescues which many pet owners are embracing.

Pet Pros offers nation-wide pet adoptions and re-homing, pet finder service, home dog and cat boarding, pet home cleaning, dog walking services, pet transportation, taxi, Home Health Care, Fitness, and much more. Pet Pros is based in Orlando, Florida.