by Debbie Moore

In today’s pet marketplace where dollars and cents mean more to most than compassion, it’s always special when you come across someone special. Dogs and Puppies Central had the great pleasure of meeting just such a person – Mark, founder and CEO of Pet Pros Services.

Mr. Mark has pioneered a number of very unique pet services that are centered around compassion; concern for the welfare of pets in need of a new home, and concern for pet owners in their time of need.

In the current economic slump, many pet owners find themselves in the sad circumstance of having to give up their beloved furry family members. With so many foreclosures, lost jobs and people living on a shoestring, many of us find we simply cannot continue to care for our pets. And as many a pet owner will tell you, there are few things in life that feel worse than having to give up a dog, cat or other cherished pet to a shelter.

And that’s just where Pet Pros Services comes in and saves the day. For a mere $100, which barely covers the cost of administering his service, Mark finds loving, forever homes for pre-loved pets. His staff work tirelessly to ensure that all pets placed with their “adoption agency” are matched with just the right family, so that their owners can have peace of mind in knowing their pets are continuing to receive the same love and level of care they are used to. No matter how big or small, young or aged, active or quiet your pet may be, Pet Pros Services guarantees them a great home.

With shelters and rescues brimming with unwanted pets, we feel this service is much needed, and will be a god-send to many a financially challenged pet owner.

And if you are looking to adopt a pet, you can browse through several wonderful, pre-loved dogs, cats and other pets who are looking for you. Pet Pros Services even offers a premium pet finder service! They’ll offer guidance on choosing the best pet for your family, and guide you every step of the way until your new pet is happily embraced by your family. The small $100 fee is less than you would pay to most shelters or rescues for a pet adoption – without the added tlc.

Mark offers his services nation-wide. To find out more about Pet Pros Services and their innovative pet adoptions services, visit or call 1-888-973-8748.