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Efficiently Re-Homing Pets Across the USA

Many families, for various reasons, are seeking new homes for their pets. But rather than drop them off at the pound or abandon them, they want and need to know that their animals are placed with loving homes. In these times of economic stress, finances can sometimes play a part in whether a family can keep a pet.? Mark has a “match making” service of sorts that vets, potential owners and confirms it’s the right home for a dog or cat. This service ensures peace of mind for both parties.? Mark’s service is? wonderful. I know. I used it.

A number of scenarios have people seeking the? services of Mark, founder of? Pet Pros.

  • They are pregnant and realize they need a new home for their cat or? dog with a new “human” addition on the way.
  • The pet, which seemed like a good idea at first, is no longer a good fit.
  • Circumstances, such as a job loss, move, or bad chemistry with an existing pet, dictate finding the pet a new home – fast!

Mark, 40, launched his web-based, re-homing service two years ago with the intent of offering something no other? pet agency did – peace of mind. With other agencies or Animal Care & Control, owners didn’t know where the pet ended up. My clients want to know what kind of home their pet is going to, what kind of people they will be around and be able to stay in touch with photos and e-mails,” Mark said. “I provide that sense of comfort with more information than other services. I let you know your pet is OK. These are not strays. They are loved members of a family that simply can’t keep them anymore.”

Mark, who has a degree in Finance and Accounting MBA from the University of Michigan and BBA in Finance and Accounting from Howard University, Mark began his service almost by accident, finding he had a knack for bringing pets who? needed new homes and people who wanted pets together. What began as a hobby turned into a business once he realized that he was being referred among networks of people who were willing and able to pay for such a service.? Pet Pros charges a placement fee? for each cat or for each dog.? For that fee, clients with the pet fill out an application about the animal’s traits, health, habits and preferences, which is posted to Mark?s website ( circulated through various other online portals. Additionally, Mark combs his contacts for referrals and keeps a waiting list of people who have approached him with their desire for a pet. If someone shows interests, he or she must also fill out an application and be interviewed by Mark or his staff to make sure it’s a proper match. A “date” between the pet and the new family follows. If it is successful, the adopting family also pays a fee per dog or per cat, a competitive adoption fee.

Another unique selling proposition is speed. Pet Pros promises to find a new home for a pet within two weeks. The only exception is pit bulls. Mark said the dog has received such poor word-of-mouth that it takes three weeks or longer to find a proper home, so he has stopped accepting the breed as clients. But other than that, he can claim
continued? success, as evidenced by the testimonials on his website and the growing number of pets he has received since the beginning of the year.?? A well-placed ad , the online classifieds site, has boosted the number of calls and made Mark a very busy man, who is now seeking assistance.
“People care what happens to their pets, even if they can no longer care for them themselves,” he said. “Many people underestimate how much care and attention pets require and maturely acknowledge they can’t do it.? Others? know with their changing lives, a pet no longer makes sense. But none of this means they want to drop the dog or cat off for part unknown. I make sure they don’t have to do that.”

Pet Pros operates out of Orlando, but has placed pets as far north as Cleveland, Ohio, and as far south as Jackson, Mississippi. To learn more, visit 1.888.9 PETS 4 U (888-973-8748)

Michelle Brown