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Mr. Mark discovered he had a knack for finding homes for pets whose owners could no longer keep them. So two years ago, the 40-year-old Orlando businessman founded Pet Pros.? Mark has an MBA from the University of Michigan and is very experienced at running a business. “My clients want to know what kind of home their pets are going to, what kind of people they will be around and to be able to stay in touch with photos and e-mails,” Mark said. “I provide that sense of comfort…these are not strays. They are loved members of a family that simply can’t keep them anymore.” Mark charges a placement fee for each pet.. He says there are many reasons an owner is forced to part with a cat or dog but even if they can no longer care for them themselves, “people care what happens to their pets.” Mark promises to find a proper home within two weeks.

CONTACT INFO: 1.888.9PETS 4 U ((888-973-8748)
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